SumUp Refer-a-friend program

Terms and Conditions - Refer A Friend Programme

Last updated: March 30th 2017


The following are the SumUp merchant referral programme’s terms and conditions ("Referral Terms") which apply to any merchant intending to refer new merchants to us.

"We", "us" or "our" refers to SumUp Services GmbH, Grunerstrasse 13, 10179, Berlin, Germany.

"You" and "your" refers to you, i.e. the merchant referring new merchants to us.


We may at any time discontinue the merchant referral programme or amend its terms. In this case we will notify you on our website or via email communication.

We reserve the right to suspend or exclude any merchant from participating in the merchant referral programme if the merchant is in breach of these Referral Terms or acts in a way harmful to our reputation.

1. Rewards

For each new merchant you refer to us who meets the referral conditions, you will earn a reward (inclusive of VAT, if applicable). Payment of the referral reward(s) will be made within 30 business days after the new merchant’s payment for the SumUp card terminal order has been completed. The payment reward will be deposited to the bank account you have registered with us as your merchant account.

Each new merchant referred to us who meets the referral conditions will receive a discount on the net purchase price of a SumUp card terminal. The discount amount applicable to the order and the reward amount applicable to the referrer are the ones in place at the time of payment completion for a new card reader order.

2. Referral conditions

A benefit is only earned if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have used your correct referral link

  • Your friend uses the correct referral link shared by you to make a SumUp card terminal purchase

  • Your friend completes payment for the SumUp card terminal within 30 days after creating his SumUp account

  • Your friend does not return his device for a refund within 30 days after he completes his payment

  • You are not in breach of these Referral Terms or our general merchant terms and conditions.

We will determine, in our reasonable discretion based on the data available, whether or not the referral conditions have been met.

3. Invoicing and VAT

Your successful referrals are treated as a service from you to us. Therefore, VAT may be chargeable on this service. If VAT is chargeable, it will be payable out of the reward we pay you. If VAT needs to be paid by us, we will pay the reward to you net of VAT. If VAT needs to be paid by you, we will pay the full reward to you but you need to pay VAT. In order for you to issue an invoice to us for the referral service, you agree that we may issue the invoice to ourselves on your behalf ("self billing"). For this purpose, you agree that you will provide us with any information we reasonably request from you, including but not limited to your tax status, tax numbers, residence and place of business. You must immediately inform us of any change in the information you provide to us.

4. Use of referral link

You commit yourself to use only legal channels for advertisement of your personal referral link. You will be able to use social networks as Facebook, Twitter, personal email contact lists to share your link and any other social network. You may not share your referral link on websites where you are not the primary content owner. The use of external email lists, spams, paid platforms for advertisement (e.g. Google Adwords) are strictly forbidden.

5. Use of our intellectual property

You are not allowed to use our intellectual property, including our corporate name, trading name, brand name, domain names, product names (each a "brand name") or logos or designs, without our express permission. You may not bid on any words or expressions which incorporate our brand names and such brand names must be applied as negative matches in any keyword phrases for the purpose of advertising on pay per click search engines, market places or web portals. You may not register any domain names, including subdomains, that include a brand name or any variant that is similar or any misspellings of brand names. You may not represent yourselves or your business as affiliated with SumUp or as an official representative or agent of SumUp or take any action that is likely to confuse or mislead third parties to believe that your business or any of your communication is part of the SumUp brand or in any way authorised by us. We may at any time require that you stop a particular use of our intellectual property.

6. Lack of bond

By accepting these Referral Terms, you acknowledge that the merchant referral programme cannot be considered, in any way a commercial partnership, joint venture, employment, agency agreement or any similar relationship.

7. Severability

If any part of these Referral Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part shall be severed from the remainder of the Referral Terms, which shall continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.