Glocalisation - What is glocalisation?

The term ‘glocalisation’ (or glocalization) refers to a product or service that has been developed to meet both local and global needs of intended customers.

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Glocalisation is the combination of the words ‘globalisation’ and ‘localisation’. It’s a term that’s used to describe a type of business that has been seeing more and more growth: a type of business that’s distributed globally, but adjusted to meet local needs as well.

Where the glocalisation concept came from

While it may seem like a trendy new term, ‘glocalisation’ is in fact a concept that’s been around since the 1980s. However, it’s likely that it’s gaining traction now as we’re seeing more and more businesses that provide localisation of products around the world.

It became more widely used in the early 2000s when it was clear that businesses were moving towards globalisation, but in order to be competitive in other markets, they would also need to provide a level of customisation based on local regulations or even preferences.

Why glocalisation is important

It’s arguable that globalisation was potentially problematic, as it relied on an assumption that customers around the world were interested in the same type of product that saw success in a specific local market. Glocalisation is the answer to this issue.

Travel to another country quickly reveals that tastes vary. Laws and regulations are also likely to vary, even within zones like the European Union. 

When it comes to selling products abroad, products or services that can take these differences into consideration and make adjustments accordingly are much more likely to experience success in those new markets.

For example, a model of car that’s developed in Germany will certainly meet local requirements for emissions, safety, etc. However, if that car model is to be exported to Japan, for example, it’s likely that changes will need to be made in order for it to sell.

Glocalisation and SumUp Invoices

When it comes to invoicing software, glocalisation is of top concern. With SumUp Invoices, our main focus is to make it fast and intuitive to create and send professional invoices. However, it’s also crucial that the software meets the requirements of your country.

That is why at sign up, you are asked to select the location of your business. This sets your account to ensure that you are meeting local requirements for everything from information necessary on invoices, currency, tax rates, etc. 

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