SumUp Kiosk

Give your customers flawless experiences and free up your staff from order taking

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Earn more with higher order values

Orders via Kiosk are 25-35% larger on average compared to verbal orders

No more customers lost to queues

Cut queues by up to 50% and maximise turnover during peak times

Free up time for the tasks that matter

Reduce time on taking orders so your staff can focus on customer service

Your customers 🖤 self-service Kiosks

of customers would visit a business more often if they offered self-service Kiosks

of customers feel more comfortable ordering on a Kiosk vs verbal ordering

of customers find it easier to find new products and options on a kiosk

Trusted by businesses like yours

Packed with big features

Sophisticated customisation and branding

Match your Kiosk to your brand by choosing visuals, colours, text and display

Advanced layout configuration options

Create one price book for each scenario (ie. take-away or eat-in) or schedule different menus or layouts based on the time of day

Upselling made easy

Automatically suggest upsell items to your customers when they order and increase your average basket size by up to 35%

Digital Receipts at your fingertips 

Wave goodbye to paper and let your customers collect their receipts directly on their own device

SumUp Kiosk has been a game-changer for us. Instead of spending time taking orders, our staff has been focused on preparation and customer service. It’s made a huge difference to our service and massively reduced queues at peak times.”

- Alfonso Sarracino, Director of Operations at Chill Since ‘93

Get ready to use SumUp Kiosk in 3 easy steps

With SumUp Kiosk you won’t have to go through any long set-up or configuration process

1. Customise your Kiosk

Start fast with our easy portal. 
Enter or import menu items from your POS system, customise branding and text. You're ready to take orders in minutes!

2. Start taking orders

Your customers will be able to collect their receipts directly on their mobile devices. Kiosk orders will be passed to your kitchen seamlessly with our integrated KDS.

3. Report on sales and transactions

Boost your performance by using visual sales & transaction reports on your dashboard. Control order data and optimise your menus to increase revenue.

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