One package for all your quick-service business needs

Our team is on hand to get you started with a range of tools that cater to every touchpoint of your food and drink venue.

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Everything you need to run your quick-service restaurant

Our team is on hand to get you started with a package of tools that cater to every touchpoint of your fast food business.

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Kit out your business with self-service kiosks, point of sale solutions, card readers and kitchen display screens — all in one package, at a discounted price.

Join the millions of businesses that trust us

Join the millions of businesses that trust us



Reduce queues by 50%

Cut queue sizes during peak times with fast, self-service terminals and easy payments—saving your staff time and serving more customers.

Seamless ordering

Whether your customer orders themselves or at the counter, get real-time updates directly to your kitchen staff and minimise human error. 

Upsell and analyse

Increase order values by up to 35% thanks to suggested add-ons with self-service kiosks and make smarter business decisions with powerful data and reports.

Connected tools

Manage all of your orders with one system that syncs with your other business tools, and make menu and stock changes in just a few clicks. 

What’s included?

Take a closer look at the products that make up the SumUp quick-service package—the ideal solution for businesses with up to 5 locations.

Self-service ordering


With self-service kiosks, your customers queue less and order more while your staff have more time to focus on the tasks that matter. 

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Business management

Point of Sale Pro

Have a central hub for your business and manage your orders, menu, stock, reports and integrations—all from one solution. 

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Direct communication

Kitchen display

Orders from your kiosk and POS system are organised in real time on a screen in your kitchen to improve the flow of every single service.

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Reliable payments

Solo card reader

Accept fast and secure payments with our most advanced card reader, equipped with built-in data and WiFi connectivity.

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How much does it cost?

Save on transaction fees, monthly costs and hardware with the quick-service package from SumUp. Plus, access your earnings by 7am the following day, even on weekends and holidays.

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One-time hardware cost



Transaction fee



Monthly software cost



Next-day payouts

Connect with delivery and accounting integrations 

Rajeev | Spice Fusion, Kent

“With SumUp POS, card readers, self-service kiosks and the Otter delivery integration, I must have one of the most sophisticated tech setups in the South East.”

What we promise

You’ll always have access to the benefits that make SumUp stand out from the crowd.

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Easy to switch and start

All of our products are easy to set up with clear, step-by-step instructions so you can get started quickly. We’ll also help you switch from your current provider to the SumUp quick-service package.

Dedicated support

We’re always on hand to help with anything you need. Our customer support team is available via phone and email and can help answer any queries about our products or services.

Fee guarantee

Running a business can be full of surprises, but what you pay shouldn't be one of them. When you sign up to SumUp, your fees will stay at a fixed cost for the length of your contract.