Payments and finance

How to accept contactless payments with only an iPhone

Tap to Pay on iPhone is a game-changer.

Paul O'Callaghan

Store expectations: What do UK consumers expect when shopping?

Find out about consumer expectations when shopping online or in-store.

SumUp Team

Opening a cafe: The essential guide

A simple, 7-step guide on opening your own coffee shop in the UK.

Aaron Nevin

Business advice

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How to open a pizza shop in 8 steps?

From business plan to legal structure: 8 steps to follow.

Liza Giraud

25 Nov 2023

Restaurant kiosk: how to choose the right one

Introducing Tabesto, the market specialists.

Liza Giraud

24 Oct 2023

How to set up Click and Collect in your restaurant?

Discover the 5 steps to get started in your restaurant!

SumUp Team

28 Sept 2023

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Restaurant: what payment methods should you offer?

What payment methods should you offer? See the full list.

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20 Nov 2023

Restaurant accounting: how to manage it easily?

Create a system for your restaurant finances to become a money management pro.

Liza Giraud

18 Oct 2023

Restaurant startup costs : 7 expenses you shouldn’t forget!

Avoid unpleasant surprises by anticipating all the costs of a restaurant opening budget!

SumUp Team

27 Sept 2023

How Candid Beer transformed their workday with Point of Sale Pro by SumUp

We chatted to Mark Bamping, founder of Candid Beer, about how Point of Sale Pro by SumUp helped transform his business.

Aaron Nevin

14 Sept 2023

Cashless travel payment systems made easy

How TicketingHub uses SumUp payment gateways to grow.

SumUp Team

19 Oct 2022

Feeling the burn with Chili Punk Berlin

Chili Punk Berlin connects and grows the network of Berlin hot sauce enthusiasts. Having SumUp available at their events is a big help with that mission.

Max Elias

17 Aug 2022

Opening a second restaurant in 6 steps

Follow the 6 simple steps !

Liza Giraud

28 Jun 2023

Digitalise your business in 4 steps

The new technologies you need to save time in your business!

Liza Giraud

8 Jun 2023

Digitalise your restaurant in 4 steps

The new technologies you need to save time in the restaurant!

SumUp Team

4 Jun 2023