Business advice

Becoming an entrepreneur: What does it actually take?

We surveyed 540 entrepreneurs to reveal what it takes to run a business.

SumUp Team

Opening a cafe: The essential guide

A simple, 7-step guide on opening your own coffee shop in the UK.

Aaron Nevin

IBAN, BIC, SWIFT, SEPA: What’s in an acronym?

Read our quick guide to some of the most common acronyms in the banking industry.

Max Elias

Business advice

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Being "naggy" isn't a bad thing - it's a sign of vision

This Women’s Month, we’ve sat down with some amazing female SumUp merchants to hear what they had to say to other women looking to start businesses.

SumUp Team

8 Mar 2023

3 ways to earn more tips in restaurants

Our best techniques to get 40% more tips!

Liza Giraud

6 Feb 2023

Your festival stall : 9 steps to get ready

Which tools to use... 9 steps to get ready.

Mathis Jean-Gilles

1 Feb 2023

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6 reasons you should customise the design of your invoices

Explore why customising the design of your invoices is so important and beneficial.

Katie Ziegel

24 Feb 2023

The top 6 benefits of online payments for invoices

Online payments are the easiest way for your clients to pay invoices and the fastest way for you to get your money. Explore the benefits of online payments.

Katie Ziegel

14 Dec 2022

How to protect yourself from scammers

How to spot phishing attempts and defend yourself from email scams. Learn to recognize a phishing email

Max Elias

24 Oct 2022

Cashless travel payment systems made easy

How TicketingHub uses SumUp payment gateways to grow.

SumUp Team

19 Oct 2022

Feeling the burn with Chili Punk Berlin

Chili Punk Berlin connects and grows the network of Berlin hot sauce enthusiasts. Having SumUp available at their events is a big help with that mission.

Max Elias

17 Aug 2022

How SumUp helped the founders of London Meditation Centre

Learn about one of London’s foremost meditation businesses.

Max Elias

16 Aug 2022