Streamline your payments with SumUp One - the game-changing subscription for merchants

7 March 2023, London: Global financial technology company SumUp has unveiled today its game-changing multi-product subscription - SumUp One, now available in the UK and Italy, and soon in other European markets. SumUp One combines the best of the SumUp product suite in a single, unified offering for merchants across markets. Crucially, the subscription plan enables merchants to save money on products such as proprietary SumUp hardware and capitalise on lower transaction fees, because of the low fixed monthly cost.

For £29 per month, merchants can now enjoy a host of benefits, including lower transaction fees (from 1.69% to 0.99%), next business payouts (instead of the standard 2-3 days), money off SumUp hardware such as 50% off the SumUp Solo Card Reader), and unlimited invoicing. In addition to cost savings for merchants, SumUp One greatly improves business efficiency by combining payment requirements in one ecosystem, which makes for easier reporting and cash management.

SumUp One taps into the widespread acceptance and adoption of subscriptions in the UK, where the public is used to recurring payments for a product or service, which ultimately saves money in the long-term (while delivering other upsides such as add-ons and perks, such as those offered with SumUp One). Jack Ojari, Subscriptions Lead at SumUp, comments: “SumUp’s strength is making business as simple as possible for merchants of all sizes; from the smallest operators right through to major event spaces and businesses. SumUp One is a natural and intuitive offering and fits our ethos perfectly, providing merchants with a streamlined, simplified, way of accessing our products and services. As the core SumUp offering has expanded, it’s imperative that we make it easy for merchants to have access to all the tools they need to build thriving businesses.”

SumUp One was launched in Italy in late 2022 and is already adopted by thousands of merchants, who have praised its simplicity and efficiency.

Beekeeper Antonella Ballerini, of Apicoltore E.G di Ballerini Antonella, says: "SumUp One has been very useful for my business because it has allowed me to save a lot on commissions, in the last year many more people are making payments by card and the expense for commissions was becoming very high; that is why I chose to join this new solution proposed by SumUp. With a fixed charge per month, I halved the commissions saving more than €200 per year."

Farmer Salvatore Puddu of Azienda Agricola Puddu : “The new device is easy to use for off-site transactions thanks to SIM and WIFI connectivity, and with the support of a printer, it becomes excellent for those customers who are still accustomed to paper receipts. Another advantage is the possibility of using it together with the SumUp POS.”

SumUp One follows a year of momentous product launches for SumUp, including entry-level Point of Sale product POS Lite for smaller businesses, POS Pro for concurrent order processing, and Magic Pay the payment solution which allows diners to split their bills and pay by scanning a QR Code at the table.