SumUp Online Store revamp powers new wave of smart tools for small business

London, United Kingdom, Oct. 5, 2021 – SumUp, a global leader in digital payments, today announced the relaunch of the SumUp Online Store, an easy e-commerce platform that enables anyone to create an online business for free.

The London-based fintech has revamped its platform as part of a strategic pivot towards online retailing – building out the digital capabilities on offer to businesses across Europe.

With the relaunch, SumUp has bet on a continuing boom in e-commerce linked to changes in consumer behaviour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“E-commerce has completely changed since we first launched the Online Store. This shift has meant that an exponentially growing number of people now prefer to shop online,” said Mark Wang, SumUp Vice President of Growth.

“At SumUp, our mission with the new Online Store is to provide a better platform for small businesses to reach customers anywhere in the world. We are constantly working to build innovations that empower anyone to become an entrepreneur.”

New features include tools to set up a store within minutes, a theme editor for storefront customisation and a learning hub to support both new and experienced business owners alike. Subscription fees have also been dropped, enabling anyone to open a store that won’t cost them rent.

With a simplified signup process, business owners are able to open a store, add products and publish it within minutes. New shipping settings have also been added, along with an enhanced overall design.

The Online Store forms part of SumUp’s core product offering – ranging from card readers to  point-of-sale systems – aimed at helping small businesses around the globe run their businesses successfully. Ease of use and simplified business management are provided through deep integration within the SumUp ecosystem, as with the universal Item Catalogue.

The first version of the Online Store was launched in May 2020 as a direct response to the impact lockdowns had on small businesses. With growing demand for the Online Store, the SumUp team is now focused on evolving it into an e-commerce solution that helps businesses grow faster and with less dependency on physical storefronts – while dropping all monthly fees.

SumUp is now looking to the future to continuously improve the Online Store for businesses, with the team behind the store’s refit already preparing for upcoming platform iterations.