Confirmation of Payee implemented by SumUp to protect merchants against fraud and human error

London, 27 March 2024: Global fintech SumUp ( has implemented Confirmation of Payee (CoP) in the UK, as the company takes additional steps to protect merchants and users from bad actors and fraud. CoP is a name-checking service, launched by Pay.UK in 2020, which validates recipients' account details before transfers are sent to ensure money is always arriving to the right place.

Antoniya Ditsova, Product Lead - Global Banking at SumUp comments: “It’s vitally important that as bad faith actors seek to harm merchants and disrupt their business SumUp has robust policies in place to provide a layer of protection. Providing the tools a business needs goes beyond facilitating payments or creating online stores. It's critical that anti-fraud measures are in a merchant's toolkit these days.”

CoP is an important step in a time when digital payments and bank transfers are ever-increasing. According to Which?, 100mn transfers were made per year in the UK a decade ago - it’s now 350mn per month, and still growing.

SumUp implementing CoP instils greater confidence in the services offered and merchants can freely conduct business knowing that a safety net is in place. CoP notably addresses certain types of authorised push payment fraud by providing a platform for SumUp to provide effective warnings to payers about the risks associated with progressing with a payment to an account where the name does not match. It also prevents human error made when entering account information for transfer. 

A typical flow of actions for merchants, when interacting with CoP, will run as:

  • Details are an exact match: they’re free to proceed to the next step without delay or additional steps required

  • No match of the details: on-screen warning and advised against proceeding 

  • Partial details match: prompted to check details again for any inaccuracies

  • Details cannot be verified: prompted to check details again for any inaccuracies

CoP is a forthcoming regulatory requirement that SumUp is meeting ahead of the official deadline.