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Hair salon
Hair salon

Save time with professional equipment, integrated payment solutions, and reliable customer service.

Speed up checkout 

Running a hair or beauty salon can sometimes be hectic, with a large number of customers every day and a variety of services available to them. Having easy-to-use POS software for hair salons with expert hardware can save valuable time when checking out your customers after their haircuts or treatments. SumUp POS Pro allows you to add your services to your personalised item list so that you can register the customer’s treatment with just a few taps on your POS tablet.

Accept every type of payment 

Once you’ve tapped in the correct treatment or service on your hair salon POS software, you can then offer your customer flexible payment options. Connect your SumUp card reader to your POS seamlessly, so that your customers can pay by Chip & Pin, contactless, or Google and Apple Pay in seconds. Accept cash payments too and store the funds in your cash drawer, which you can add to your POS setup. All of your transactions are registered to your POS system, with a clear overview so you’re always in the know.

Build customer loyalty at your salon

Customer loyalty is important in the hairy and beauty industry. If a client is happy with their haircut or the service they’ve received, there’s a chance you can gain a repeat customer for years to come. 

SumUp POS Pro has the tools and features to support you in retaining customer loyalty so that your salon gets the credit and reputation it deserves. Connect with handy add-ons and integration partners that can automate email and SMS reminders, offer exclusive discounts and more to keep your customers interested in your business.



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