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The best POS system for a food truck

Discover the easy-to-use POS solution that can simplify your workday.

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Save time with professional equipment, integrated payment solutions, and reliable customer service.

Work offline

As a food truck business, you might end up working in different locations that don’t always offer a stable internet connection. To ensure your service goes smoothly, our POS system, SumUp Point of Sale Pro, can continue to function even without internet access. This means that all of your valuable data is stored safely, without the risk of losing important information during working hours.

Make changes in real time 

Make changes to your items, dishes, prices and offers with just a few clicks—whenever, wherever. Our intuitive interface makes these changes a piece of cake, with your edits showing instantly at no extra cost. You don't need to be directly at your food truck to make essential changes to your business, either. You can make changes remotely and on the go so that you’re always in control.

Speed up checkout

Our POS solution is designed to serve as many customers as possible, even in a small space, with compact hardware and easy-to-use software. Orders are easy thanks to a neat item catalogue, and checkout is fast thanks to flexible payment options. You can arrange your dishes, sides and extras on-screen so that you can tap in your orders quickly and efficiently. Connect your POS with your SumUp card reader and offer your customers flexible payments, with Chip & PIN, contactless, Apple and Google Pay, and cash.


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