Invoice templates for auto garages

Whether you’re replacing a tyre or fixing a windshield, auto repair shops will need to issue invoices to their customers. Creating compliant invoices not only ensures that your books are organised, but can also help you get paid faster. 

This article explains how to invoice for your auto repair business. A sample garage invoice and free downloadable invoice templates are also provided.

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What needs to be on my garage invoice?

In the UK, invoices require certain information to be valid in the eyes of HMRC. For garages and mechanics, you should be as detailed as possible in your service and product descriptions. The mandatory invoice fields include:

  • Your business name and address

  • Your customer’s name and address

  • An invoice number

  • The invoice date

  • The payment due date

  • A description of the products/services and their prices

  • Your VAT registration number (if applicable)

  • Any VAT charged (if applicable)

  • The total amount due

Invoices need to be compliant, but they don’t need to be boring. Consider customising your invoice with your logo, a colour scheme, and images of cars or tools. 

You may also consider including your customer’s auto insurance information so they can present this to their insurance agency, if applicable. 

When do I send an invoice for an auto repair job?

The time you send an invoice may vary from job to job. In most cases, you want to issue the invoice as soon as the job is completed. 

If it's a small job, like changing a tyre, you may ask for payment immediately upon completion. 

However, if the job is going to take several hours/days, and includes ordering extra parts, you may consider asking for a deposit upfront. In this case, you can issue a deposit invoice immediately, and once paid, start working on the vehicle. Once the job is completed, you'll issue a second invoice for the remainder.

Sample auto repair invoice

Below, you'll find a customised car mechanic invoice. All of the mandatory invoice fields are included, as well as clear payment terms.

The make of the car and registration details have also been included to ensure that the invoice is for the correct vehicle. 

Free Excel invoice templates for car garage

Many small businesses prefer to use Word or Excel for their invoicing. Excel offers automation with formulas so that your VAT and totals add up automatically. 

Excel is a great tool if you only issue invoices occasionally. However, Excel does not keep up to date with new invoicing regulations or VAT rate changes, so you will need to keep up with any local regulation changes. 

Below, you can download free invoice templates in Excel format. You can upload your logo and enter your business information and bank account details. There are two tabs in the file, one for VAT invoices, and one for non-VAT invoices.

Download Excel invoice templates

Free Word invoice templates for car garage

If your garage uses Word to create invoices, you can download our free invoice templates below. With Word, you'll need to manually calculate your totals and VAT. 

Feel free to customise the template with your logo and business information. There are two templates, one for VAT-registered businesses and one for non-VAT-registered businesses.

Download Word invoice templates

Invoicing software for garages

If you’re looking for a more professional invoicing method, SumUp Invoices helps you create and send invoices in less than 1 minute. 

The software is regularly updated if there are any changes to invoicing regulations or VAT rates, so you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

With our premade template, you simply enter the customer and product information and send it directly to your customer’s email. You can also include a payment link on your invoice so your customer can pay instantly and securely online. 

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