Getting started with SumUp Invoices

Invoices can seem tedious or even intimidating to begin issuing. Most countries have specific rules and requirements in place because invoices are an official request for payment. An invoice is also a point of contact with your customers, allowing you to make an impression and stand out from the competition.

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Sending an invoice not only gives your customer a clear breakdown of the products or services they’ve purchased, but it’s also a useful document for your own business records, allowing you to track and connect payments and cash flow.

Although at first glance it can seem a bit complicated to get right, creating an invoice is fast and straightforward with the right tools. To give you an idea of how easy it can be, let’s take a look at the process using SumUp Invoices:

Setting up your SumUp Invoices profile

To get started invoicing, you’ll first need to create a SumUp profile. You’ll just need to enter a few details about your business and upload your logo, if you wish. By providing this information once, it’s automatically added to every invoice you create. This helps ensure that your details are correct and that your business’s brand is featured front and centre.

Some additional but optional steps you can take to make invoicing faster in the future is to also upload products/services to your item catalogue, as well as customer information so that these are saved in the app and will autofill when added to any new invoice.

Create your first invoice with invoicing software

Once you’re ready to create an invoice, you’ll discover the invoice builder. This form provides every required field for invoices in your business location, ensuring that you fill in the invoice requirements to be considered legally compliant.

You’ll find that it’s easy to customise the details, including your invoice number sequence

We also offer the option of translating your invoices into another language, and adding discounts, payment terms, or attachments to your invoice.

If you have repeat orders, save time by copying a previously created invoice. The date and invoice number will update automatically and you’ll still be able to make small changes if needed.

Email or share your invoice with the client

Once your invoice is ready to go, email it directly to your customer’s inbox. If you’re working in the mobile app you’ll also have the option to share your invoices through Messenger, WhatsApp, and other platforms.

Plus, every invoice you send records any associated activity, including the date it was sent to the customer, giving you the option to follow up if needed. You’ll even receive a notification when the invoice is opened. Your customers will be able to view and download a PDF of your invoice as well as any attachments before they make a payment.

How to receive payment for your invoice

One of the best parts of working with SumUp Invoices means an all-in-one solution for your invoicing and payments. Invoices sent online automatically include an online payment option so your customers can pay as soon as they receive the invoice. They simply enter their credit card details and the payment is taken immediately.

Accept online card payments as well as in-person payments with the SumUp card reader. When a payment is made on an invoice, you’ll receive a notification and the status of that invoice will automatically be updated, giving you an overview of your payments at a glance.

If you prefer to accept bank transfers, you have the option to include your bank account details at the bottom of the invoice.

Issue credit notes with invoicing software

As humans, it’s more than likely that a mistake will happen, a refund will be requested, or a customer will simply change their mind. With SumUp Invoices, this can all be handled professionally by creating credit notes.

Issuing a credit note allows you to easily cancel an invoice. It can now be done with a few clicks from the app and is an efficient and legal way to manage necessary changes to sales that affect the invoice.

Issue quotes with invoicing software

If your business issues quotes to potential customers, SumUp can also assist you in this process. Simply fill in our quote template and email it to your client. If they accept the quote, you can convert it into an invoice in a few clicks.

This way, you won’t have to manually re-enter the information as all of the fields are transferred between the documents automatically. 

Invoicing software for your business

Issuing invoices with invoicing software not only provides your customers with a professional experience and an easy way to pay, but they also provide your business with legal documentation of sales and a simple way to track and follow up on payments.

There’s no reason for invoices to be complicated. Invoicing can be simple, fast and legally compliant. All with the right tools.

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