Delivery note templates for Word and Excel

If you often have to send delivery notes to your customers, having a delivery note template on hand can save you a lot of time and hassle. Commonly, delivery note templates are created with invoicing software or saved as blank forms in Word or Excel format. 

This article explores the different types of delivery note templates you can use and assesses the benefits of using each. Download our free delivery note templates for Word and Excel below.

Having a blank delivery note template means that you won't be starting from scratch every time. You only need to add the necessary information about that particular customer order, and you won't need to worry about organising the layout or form of the delivery note itself. 

Here is an example of a delivery note: 

Delivery note templates in Microsoft Word and Excel

Common programmes to use for creating delivery notes include Microsoft Word or Excel. These blank delivery note templates would be saved on your computer, ready for you to fill in manually.

Delivery note Word template

If you choose, you can easily create a delivery note template in a Word document. You can either design one for yourself or download our delivery note templates in Word format for free.

Download Word delivery note template (non-VAT)Download Word delivery note template (VAT)

These templates can be modified to fit your specific business needs. Some businesses prefer not to include their bank details on delivery notes, for example. If this applies to you, remember to delete these fields from the bottom footer. 

The benefits of using Word for your delivery note template

If you create your delivery note or order form template in Word, it’s very easy to edit the design or adjust the layout. You have a lot of flexibility. It’ll be easy for you to add additional information or pictures if needed and it’s very intuitive to use.

Delivery note Excel template

There isn’t a huge difference between using a Word or Excel delivery note template. It’s simply a matter of preference between the two programmes. 

The benefits of using Excel for your delivery note template

If you use an Excel delivery note template, you’ll naturally be able to work with more complex functions than Word. You’ll be able to use the programme to calculate your prices for you and there are more possibilities for automisation which will simplify your work. 

However, using a spreadsheet format can make it more complicated to edit your text and you have to spend far more time formatting the cells to get the overall look you want. It may also take significantly longer for you to create your blank Excel template the first time. How about downloading our delivery note template in Excel format for free and save yourself some time?

Download Excel delivery note templates

Delivery note format

No matter what software you choose to use to create your delivery note, the content should remain the same. Unlike an invoice, there are no legal requirements about what a proof of delivery template must include. However, as they’ve become more standardised, there is some basic information every delivery note template is expected to have. Your delivery note should include:

  • The contact information of both the supplier and the customer

  • Dates of when the order was placed and when the products were delivered

  • A delivery note number

  • A list of the goods that are included in the delivery 

As the same fields should be included on every delivery note, this is why it makes sense to have a blank delivery note template that you can quickly reach for whenever it's needed. 

Using invoicing software, or a blank Word or Excel template is ultimately a great way for any business to create their delivery notes without hassle.