Touch ID - What is Touch ID?

Touch ID is a form of personal identification for electronic devices that reads your fingerprint and provides an added level of security and verification for app purchases.

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The Touch ID option that’s available on devices such as mobile phones is the process of locking or unlocking your device and/or certain mobile apps using your fingerprint.

New Apple devices feature a Touch ID option in the form of a circular sensor pad on the back of the phone or tablet. By registering your unique fingerprint on your device, you can confirm your identity without the need to remember passcodes.

But you can also use your device’s Touch ID capability for other purposes such as confirming app purchases or access. All with just one finger.

How does Touch ID work?

Without getting too technical, Touch ID works through sensors embedded in the finger pad in the home button/fingerprint sensor on your device. When a finger is applied to the pad, a steel ring sends a message to the sensor and the biometric details are read and recorded in your device.

Because each fingerprint is unique, yours is the only finger that will be recognised by your Touch ID, once registered. It can then be enabled in your keychain/settings in order to be used for purchases and app locking. 

There’s no reason for concern over your personal information - Apple has confirmed that they don’t have access to this data. 

Touch ID provides an added level of security to your devices and your data.