Debtor – What is a debtor?

‘Debtor’ is a term used in the business world to refer to a party that owes money to a company or individual.

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A debtor can be an entity, a company or a person of a legal nature that owes money to someone else – your business, for example. If you have one or more debtors, that makes you a creditor. Put simply, the debtor-creditor relationship is complementary to the customer-supplier relationship.

Types of debtors

Generally speaking, a debtor is a customer who has purchased a good or service and therefore owes the supplier payment in return. Therefore, on a fundamental level, almost all companies and people will be debtors at one time or another. For accounting purposes, customers/suppliers are referred to as debtors/creditors.

‘Debtor’ doesn’t only refer to a customer of goods and services, but also to someone who has borrowed money from a bank or a lender. If you take out a loan to buy your house for example, then you as the homeowner are a debtor, while the bank holding your mortgage is considered the creditor.

In general, if you’ve borrowed money then you are a debtor to the loan agency.

Usually, each debtor has a specific agreement with their creditor about the payment terms, discount offerings, etc.

How one becomes a debtor

The term 'debtor' is applicable both to individuals as well as to other companies, banks, loan businesses and more. If someone owes a payment to an individual or a business for products or services rendered, the person owing can be considered a debtor.

What can be done about debtors

If a debtor has an outstanding payment that has passed the due date and/or the standard payment window (30 days in the UK), there are a number of steps that a creditor can take in order to collect the money owed.

There’s a generally accepted escalation of actions, beginning with a friendly reminder and, if it continues in the most extreme cases, filing in the claims court.

Debtors and SumUp Invoices

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