SumUp on track to become the largest Point of Sale solution provider in Europe - launches POS Lite

15.11.22 - London: Global financial technology company SumUp has today unveiled a new suite of POS solutions - with the launch of POS Lite in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain, alongside the new and improved Point of Sale system POS Pro. With POS Lite the company is creating an entry-level Point of Sale product that will serve the smallest businesses. With the improved POS Pro, SumUp is expanding the product suite for businesses of all sizes, whatever their needs, building on the success of the POS solution. By merchant count, SumUp is already on course to become the leading POS solution in Europe by the end of the year, and these new products will accelerate that pace.

SumUp co-founder Marc-Alexander Christ comments: “SumUp has consistently delivered cutting edge technology, which supports and serves the global small and nano business community. By expanding our Point of Sale solutions, SumUp continues to provide merchants with the tools they need to make a success of their business. Innovation is at our core, and SumUp is very proud to support over 4 million merchants around the world.”

POS Lite is an out-of-the-box Point of Sale solution that will empower nano to small merchants to perform smooth over-the-counter sales with a key set of features: from registering card and cash payments, to organising the merchant’s item catalogue, tracking earnings, and much more. Unlike what the market offers today, it's ready to use straight away, comes with free pre-installed SumUp Point of Sale software, and no subscription charges. It is built entirely in-house by SumUp, based on merchant feedback: merchants with a growing business are looking for easy tools to run their business but don’t need a full-fledged Point of Sale solution just yet.

The latest offering combines proprietary hardware (a 13” splash proof touchscreen, die-cast aluminium stand, card reader) with SumUp’s user-friendly software, accessible and easy-to-use interface and compatibility with multiple printers and cash-drawers. Merchants will pay a one-time price of £199 (at launch - which covers the hardware) and it requires no monthly subscription. No longer will merchants have to make multiple purchase decisions and wonder about compatibility to have a POS solution (iPad plus card reader plus software subscription plus any additional tech), and gone are the days of poorly designed systems.

The dedicated POS Lite hardware is built to keep up with everything that is happening on the counter of a small business and offers merchants access to the entire SumUp ecosystem with a myriad of products - from invoicing to online store and business account.

SumUp has also unveiled new features to its POS Pro product that will be available in the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. SumUp POS Pro enables merchants to process multiple orders concurrently. Merchants from a range of sectors are capitalising on POS Pro’s capacity to efficiently handle several transactions at once and a prime example is restaurants being able to route different orders, e.g. sending multiple table order tickets to the kitchen or bar all at once.

The technology can be used by merchants of any size, ranging from small segments all the way up to large restaurants, coffee shops, and at major stadiums. With SumUp POS Pro, merchants can access meaningful analytics, stock management, and reporting capabilities that allow them to make smarter business decisions and further their growth.  Solutions can be adapted to a merchants’ needs as a company grows and evolves - what was suitable last year might be too small now, and SumUp can seamlessly update the available technology, and integrate it into a businesses’ workflow. POS products can be integrated with third party software extensions such as delivery systems, click and collect, reservations and loyalty programmes, and more. 

The POS product launch and updates quickly follow the launch of SumUp Magic Pay in the summer. Now, at the end of a meal, everyone at the table can receive a copy of the bill, by scanning a QR code on the table. From there, a bill can be split, a tip added, and payment conducted (Apple or Google Pay both an option). Receipts can be sent via email as well. No app, account or any admin - just scan, split, pay. Another way that SumUp is giving merchants of all sizes the best possible tools to do their job and get paid.