"Romance is dead": SumUp launches its new European campaign

19.04.22, London : Global financial technology company SumUp has today unveiled its new European advertising campaign, created and produced by Berlin-based The Goodwins.

SumUp exists to serve global small and nano merchants, the self-employed strivers and entrepreneurs. No day is the same for a self-employed person, as they come up against uncontrollable and unpredictable events again and again. Whilst these incidents cannot be controlled, merchants now have more reliable and dependable technology available, in order to make sure they get paid on time.

For a decade SumUp has been loyally on the side of small business, providing a range of payment solutions and, increasingly, an expanded product suite to meet the needs of modern business.

The Goodwins have now developed "Romance is dead'', an integrated pan-European multi-product marketing campaign for SumUp, which is based on a deep understanding of small business owners.  The campaign focuses on the daily stresses of running a small business, the battle to build and maintain a customer base and, ultimately, how to continually make money. At its core, the SumUp payment system is a reliable partner that helps them manage their hard-earned money and the payments and processes associated with it in the simplest way possible.

"Romance is dead" - A campaign for and with small merchants. 

The new  campaign shows the contrast between the often romanticised idea of what it's like to be an independent entrepreneur - and the harsh reality with all the stress and chaos, but also the rewarding feeling of success. Content is focused on various elements of SumUp's now extensive product range - business account, POS system and card terminals. 

The campaign was designed for SumUp's core markets: over the next twelve months, the online and TV spots, associated outdoor advertising, and social media measures will be seen in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Nina Etienne, Vice President for Marketing Europe at SumUp: "SumUp's new multi-product campaign focuses on authenticity. We're not showing a location polished to a high gloss or an idealistic idea of what it means to be self-employed. Instead, we look to portray the day-to-day reality of running a small business. We showcase and celebrate the tireless work, sacrifice, passion and dedication that our merchants can identify with in their daily lives.

Etienne continues:"At SumUp we're committed to putting merchants at the heart of our business, and to do that we have to know our merchants very well and understand their struggles and their needs. That's why we want to support them as much as we can on their journey with the help of our portfolio of business tools and 360-degree payment solutions, making sure that managing their money is done with ease." 

Tim Stübane, The Goodwins founder and managing director:"From hairdressers to café owners to small retailers, making their lives a little easier and bringing SumUp to them was our mission. The creative challenge for us was to talk to SumUp merchants in a way that hit the campaign objectives, whilst retaining a creative vision that we could collectively be proud of. We are so happy to have made this campaign a reality.”