SumUp launches free Mobile Payments and Invoicing across Europe to help consumers pay safely and remotely via smartphone

London-headquartered fintech SumUp is waiving the fees on its Mobile Payments feature, enabling merchants to process payments remotely via smartphone, simply by sharing a link via email, WhatsApp, SMS or any other messaging platform. 

In a move to support SumUp merchants, all commission rates on mobile payments have been scrapped until 30th April, to help small businesses through this challenging time.

SumUp also announces the launch of its invoicing service for existing SumUp customers, also free in the UK until 30th April, allowing British merchants to send and keep a digital record of invoices.

As Europe moves into COVID-19 lockdown - affecting small businesses and retailers everywhere - SumUp, the London-headquartered fintech and leading provider of digital payments solutions, is announcing free Mobile Payments as an alternative and innovative payment solution for its merchants. 

The free feature - available from tomorrow, Saturday 21st March, in key European markets including the UK - allows merchants to process payments with minimal physical contact. This means they can keep their businesses open in a safe and responsible manner while adhering to the interpersonal distancing guidelines set by various European governments.

SumUp recommends using debit or credit card contactless payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, wherever possible. The new Mobile Payments feature offers a practical solution for merchants on lockdown due to COVID-19, especially those who provide utility or home delivery services.

With the SumUp app, merchants can request payments by simply sharing a link with the customer via email, WhatsApp, SMS or any other messaging platform. The customer then enters the payment details on their smartphone and confirms the transaction. 

Supporting merchants across Europe, and to promote the use of innovative solutions which could help contain the spread of the virus, SumUp will take zero commission on virtual payments received through the Mobile Payments feature for existing and qualified SumUp merchants, until the 30th April.  

And finally, SumUp has introduced SumUp Invoicing to the UK, a new service enabling British merchants to send and keep a digital record of invoices through the SumUp merchant app and online dashboard. This product can be accessed through the SumUp app, and will be available to all UK-based SumUp merchants for free until 30th April.

Marc-Alexander Christ, Co-Founder of SumUp comments: "SumUp currently serves millions of small businesses and artisans, many of whom are still able to keep their shops open and carry on selling their services, while others are having to entirely reinvent their core offering," 

"That's why, at a time when preemptive measures are being implemented throughout Europe and consumer behaviour is drastically changing, we think it’s extremely important to encourage people to use remote payments solutions that preserve the health and safety of our society and can serve as a potential boost for many small businesses in these difficult times.”