Apple chooses SumUp as one of the most disruptive services of 2012 in Germany and Austria

London - December 14, 2012

SumUp has been selected as one of the most ‘disruptive services’ of the year in Apple’s German and Austrian ‘App Store Best of 2012’ list. The ‘disruptive services’ category recognises apps that offer new ways of ‘approaching how we travel, buy products and use mobile payments, these apps are helping to reshape and redefine industries’. Apple’s ‘App Store Best of 2012’ list selects the year’s best app releases out of over 700,000 apps and highlights the most notable trends and apps to shape the future.

Stefan, Managing Director, SumUp said: "It is great to be recognised by one of the most influential technology players in the world. This shows that SumUp has really helped to revolutionise the way that small businesses are able to accept payments. Our mission is to help small and medium sized businesses to grow, and it is encouraging that after just three and a half months, we’ve already made such an impact.”

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