Adding options to your item library

Options let you offer customers a wider variety of choices on items before they make a purchase. This allows them to choose items that are tailored to their personal needs and preferences.

What are options?

Options are unique attributes you can assign to items. Essentially the opposite of “one size fits all”, options denote the variety of features items contain and help the purchaser customise them prior to checkout. They can include different sizes, colours or materials. Examples of these three options could be small, blue and leather. Options help you create specific variations of your items, providing a wider range of choices for customers at your store.

Differences between options and variations

Variations are items with a specific combination of options. For example, you might stock a pullover that comes with three size options – small, medium and large. Additionally, you might offer it in multiple colour options like black, white and grey. One variation of this item would then be a large, greypullover. A maximum of 300 variations can be applied to an item.

Global versus custom options

You can add options that are applied at a general level to all items. However, you can also change options for individual items without affecting others in your item library.

To add or edit global options:

  • Go to Items > Option set templates and select Create option set template.

To add or edit custom options:

  • Go to Items > Item library and select an item. Changes you make to options will only apply to that item and won’t affect any others in your library.

A maximum of 4 options can be applied to an item in the item editor. There is also no limit on how many global options you can create.

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