Payments and finance

Learn more about our tools that make it easy to accept payments and manage your business.

Payments and finance

The top 6 benefits of online payments for invoices

Online payments are the easiest way for your clients to pay invoices and the fastest way for you to get your money. Explore the benefits of online payments.

Katie Ziegel

Dec 14, 2022

How to protect yourself from scammers

How to spot phishing attempts and defend yourself from email scams. Learn to recognize a phishing email

Max Elias

Oct 24, 2022

Digitally recorded transactions soon mandatory in the UK

New regulations will require UK businesses to digitally record all their transactions. Point of sale solutions and accounting integrations exist to help you along the way.

Max Elias

Oct 24, 2022

CHAPS, BACS, SWIFT, Faster Payments – What do they mean?

The banking world is riddled with acronyms. Here's a quick guide to keep you on top of things.

Max Elias

Jun 9, 2022

How to fight against IBAN discrimination

Find out what IBAN discrimination is and how you can fight it.

Max Elias

Jun 2, 2022

The SumUp ecosystem: Everything you need in one place

A handy overview of our payment solutions and business tools.

Aaron Nevin

May 25, 2022