Writing product descriptions that are easy to read and generate sales is an important part of setting up an online store.
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How to write product descriptions that sell

Writing item descriptions is trickier than it sounds. They have to inform, be relatively short, and stand out all at once. Here are a few ways you can transform item descriptions from simple summaries to messages that generate sales. 

Speak the way customers do

Your item descriptions should speak to the needs and concerns of real people. Write your descriptions the way you would talk to customers as if you were selling to them in person. 

Use the language your customers use, make a few jokes (if your audience would appreciate them), and answer their questions like you would in real time. You know the benefits of your items and it’s your job to tell customers how it addresses their needs. 

Avoid being generic 

Anyone can write a phrase like ‘excellent quality goods’ or ‘made with love’. Try to be more specific about your items and their features. Instead of leaning on overused wording like ‘best’ or ‘longest-lasting’, use details and descriptions that help customers make these conclusions themselves.

Be a storyteller

Imagination is a powerful thing; if you get customers to picture themselves owning and using your item, your likelihood of making the sale will rise. Because customers aren’t physically holding your item, you should give them an idea of when they would use it, what they would use it for, and how it would feel to use it.

Make it easy to follow

Lastly, consider your store’s appearance when writing item descriptions. Who wants to sit at their computer looking at walls of text? Bite-size sentences and bullet points make it easy for anyone’s eyes to comfortably scan your items and for item descriptions to catch their attention. That’s exactly what will help you make sales – and keep your customers coming back.

Test on social media 

You can also experiment with item descriptions on social media. Does a certain store item work better with a functional or provocative title? What’s a strong call to action for your audience? Linking to an item with a video could also generate more clicks. Test a few different approaches and see which yields better results.

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