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What is PrestaShop and how does it work with SumUp?

The importance of ensuring your business is both online-ready and highly optimised has never been more crucial. Past lockdowns, store closures, and an ever-changing future outlook have pushed many brick-and-mortar-only businesses into moving online. For SumUp merchants, one quick and easy way to make the shift is to choose an e-commerce plugin that works alongside your profile.

One such plugin is PrestaShop. In this blog post, we’ll explore what PrestaShop is, why it’s a great e-commerce option and how to connect the platform with SumUp to start accepting payments online seamlessly. SumUp is integrated with PrestaShop as a payment provider for transactions on their site, ensuring that transactions are 100% secure and reliable.

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What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an online platform that allows users to create an e-commerce presence, enabling them to sell products and services through the web to an online audience. Business owners looking to move their company online can use PrestaShop to build their website, add features and, with SumUp, take payments.

PrestaShop is also an open source e-commerce platform, just like WooCommerce, meaning the original source code of the software has been made publicly available. This means that users can customise the software for their individual requirements and can continually improve and update what’s on offer. The software is written in the PHP programming language and is published under the Open Software License.

PrestaShop is a hugely popular e-comm solution, with over 30,000 companies using the platform worldwide in 60 different languages. The company was launched in 2007 and is headquartered in Paris, but has now grown into a multi-national business. PrestaShop states that their mission is ‘to develop a world-class e-commerce software through open source innovation.'

Why choose PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an ideal solution for users who have a little technical experience, or who have the help of a developer to get started. This is because the open source nature of the programme allows a huge amount of flexibility and personalisation. Users can programme extra modules and features and arrange components to make unique solutions for themselves and their business type. There are also 3,000 different features and 2,000 designs to choose from, so the scope for customisation is enormous.

If you’re still unsure about whether PrestaShop is for you, there’s also a demo version you can try. This is a huge bonus for potential PrestaShop customers, giving you the chance to explore the platform, view the features and get used to the software before committing.

Additionally, the amount of support on offer from PrestaShop is really encouraging to see from an e-commerce platform. The company offers training for both new merchants and developers, so you can attend classes, either in person or online, to get to grips with the software. Plus, they have very active forums where users can discuss updates and new features, and also share tips and tricks with the community. Even better, by purchasing the SumUp payment integration, customers automatically get 3 months of support for the integration. This means that for 90 days after purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for the product.

What’s more, the platform is free to download and use, making it pretty cost-effective. However, you do need to pay for the hosting of your e-commerce site and for some of the additional modules you’d like to use to customise it.

How to integrate your SumUp profile

Once you’ve decided on PrestaShop and you’ve begun building or expanding your e-comm presence, you’ll next need to purchase the SumUp add-on. This PrestaShop plugin was developed by a SumUp partner and can be used to easily allow you to accept payments via your PrestaShop store.

First go to your PrestaShop profile dashboard and head to the ‘Module Manager’

  1. In the sidebar under ‘IMPROVE’ select ‘Modules’ and then ‘Module Manager’

  2. Click ‘Upload a module’ - ‘Select file’

  3. When the file manager pop up appears, select ‘SumUp Payment Gateway’ and hit open

  4. Once this installs, click ‘Configure’

  5. You can then scroll down to the ‘Settings’ section of the page

  6. Here, enter the email address associated with your SumUp profile

  7. Underneath you can select whether you want the payment processing to appear as a pop-up or for this to happen on a new page

  8. Then, type in the text you’d like to appear in the payment section and choose a language from the dropdown menu

  9. You can select your own logo if you prefer, or you can use the default SumUp logo

  10. Select which theme you would like and hit ‘Save’

Make sure that your SumUp profile is fully on-boarded and activated before purchasing the plugin and beginning this process.

Ready to get started?

Thinking about getting to grips with PrestaShop? Or, already using PrestaShop but want to integrate your SumUp profile to streamline payments? Download the plugin and follow the steps above.

Otherwise, if you’d like to speak to our Sales team to find out more information or you want to receive a custom offer, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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