The Jungfraubahn close up, driving up the Jungfraujoch

Contactless payments at the 'Top of Europe': Jungfraubahn & SumUp

Jungfraubahnen Management, Switzerland’s largest mountain railway company, runs the Jungfrau Railway Experience. They take their customers on a journey up the Jungfraujoch to the highest railway station in Europe.

Given its popularity as a tourist destination, often referred to as the ‘Top of Europe’, they receive passengers from all over the world, who all have varying payment needs.

Previously, the company was using an older credit card terminal to take payments – meaning it was large, bulky, and the integration with their system was far from seamless.

Transactions were taking far too long and only a small range of credit card suppliers were supported, which wasn’t just affecting passengers, but also the company’s staff. With that in mind, it was in everyone’s best interest to find a quicker, simpler solution, that would make the experience of heading up into the beautiful Swiss Alps totally stress-free.  

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How SumUp stepped in

Jungfraubahnen Management now uses SumUp card readers that integrate with their ticketing app that in turn runs on the staff’s Android phones.

Through a Bluetooth connection, both devices work together to accept card payments anytime and anywhere, handy when you're halfway up a mountain in the Alps. Customers can pay via chip and PIN or contactless, including Google Pay and Apple Pay and a simple Bluetooth printer is used to print receipts and tickets to give to passengers. 

The SumUp payment solution massively improved the speed and simplicity of transactions for customers riding the Jungfraubahn. 

After SumUp’s card readers were introduced and integrated with their existing systems, they experienced a significant increase in debit and credit card payments – by April 2019, the turnover of credit card payments had risen by 90%.

Plus, the transition to SumUp had great benefits for the staff using the system on a daily basis. Employees noted that after the introduction of the new technology, payments were easier, quicker, and more efficient – making the process less stressful for themselves and the passengers. A real win-win.

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