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SumUp & Wix: what are the benefits and how to sync your accounts

Making businesses online-friendly has likely become a priority for many business owners in recent months. Many e-commerce website builders offer great solutions for people with little coding experience – and one top example of this is Wix.

If you’ve already built an online store with Wix, or you’re considering doing so, then this blog post should give you a helping hand.

We’ll be looking into what the Wix platform has to offer and walking you through how to connect your existing SumUp profile with Wix to start accepting payments quickly and securely.

What is Wix?

Put simply, Wix is a website builder. That means that people who would like to set up an online presence can turn to a site like Wix to make it happen. Website builders are typically tools or programmes that allow users to manually build up the specific components that they need for their website.

And Wix is not only used by people who are looking to sell their products online. Anyone from bloggers, online galleries and musicians can use a site like Wix to reach out to their audience and showcase their skills.

If you are, however, looking to make your physical store online-friendly, then Wix eCommerce is a great option for you. The eCommerce website builder enables users to sell on multiple sales channels, can connect with your SumUp profile and can target shoppers with advanced marketing tools.

Why choose Wix?

Wix was founded in 2006 and currently has over 180 million users in 190 countries across the globe, making it a hugely trusted platform for website building.

One thing that makes Wix a great choice is that it’s fully customisable, so you can be sure that your online store will reflect your brand’s image perfectly. Wix has over 500 templates to choose from, all of which you can then customise. You can also access loads of design features to ensure that your product galleries look exactly how you want them to.

It’s also pretty easy to get started with Wix. The drag and drop interface and simple usability mean that even users with no previous coding experience can make their way around the platform to create an impressive online store.

Additionally, Wix ensures that payments and transfers on your website are always secure. You can also connect your Wix store with payment providers, which leads us on to… 

How does SumUp work with Wix?

Wix is integrated with SumUp’s payment plugin, which means you can connect your SumUp profile to your Wix online store. Connecting the two allows business owners to track all of their transactions (both online and in-store) in the same dashboard, allowing for consistency and simplicity.

It’s quick and easy to connect SumUp as your Wix store payment provider. Once you’ve set up your Wix online store, go to your dashboard:

  1. Head to the ‘Accept Payments’ tab

  2. Click ‘Change Provider’ under ‘Accept Credit/Debit Cards with Wix’

  3. Hover over SumUp and click ‘Connect’

  4. Select ‘Connect Existing Profile’

  5. Click ‘Connect my Profile’

  6. Log in to your SumUp profile and you’re done

Let’s go

If you’re interested in creating an account with Wix and connecting your existing SumUp profile, click on the link and follow the simple steps above.

Alternatively, fill in the form below to receive a call from our Sales team who will be happy to talk to you further about your business needs.

Ashleigh Grady