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Restaurant kiosk: how to choose the right one

The world of dining is constantly changing. Delivery apps and click-and-collect have already transformed how people eat out at home while digital maps have made it easy to find restaurants while you’re on the go. 

Now, though, the digital revolution is moving inside, with the restaurant kiosk being the latest technology to change the ways customers interact with your restaurant. 

How could a restaurant kiosk improve the customer experience? How will staff benefit from diners placing their own orders? What’s the best kiosk for your business?

If you’re thinking of using a restaurant kiosk to enhance your dining experience, this guide will help cover everything you need to know before investing in your own restaurant kiosk.

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Why install ordering terminals in restaurants? 

For the last few years, restaurant kiosks have been reserved for high-street chains with big budgets. 

Now, though, with more ordering terminals designed for smaller teams, businesses including restaurants can start taking advantage of the many benefits kiosks have to offer.

As part of the self-service revolution, kiosks enhance efficiency for modern restaurants that leave the customer in control. Deal with labour shortages, prioritise efficiency and cut costs with your fleet of systems.

The number of restaurant kiosks you add to your space is up to you. Choose just one or two as an alternative way to order or make your kiosks the go-to ordering option for your digitally-driven business. 

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Restaurant kiosks: 6 advantages.

What can you expect from switching up your order process with a restaurant kiosk? Before choosing the right terminal for your business, let’s take a look at some of the perks it’ll bring to your restaurant.

1. Encourage more sales

Restaurant kiosks make it easy to boost your sales without putting in a lot of effort. Research has found that a customer using a self-service kiosk is likely to spend 10-30% more than when they purchase with a member of your team, creating bigger profits effortlessly. 

This is partly because customers are left to browse your entire menu at their leisure, looking at sides and extras that they might have felt too rushed to take in when at the till. 

Add to this the enticement of well-taken images to show off your food and you create a tempting prospect for hungry diners.

Restaurant kiosks also enable upselling. As customers add items you can subtly suggest extras that would go well with their meal, like adding fries to a burger and ketchup to fries.

If you’ve ever ordered from a fast food kiosk, you might have been asked if you wanted to upgrade your small fries to a medium, too, or double-up on a burger patty. It’s a subtle way to upsell your menu, boosting your sales passively for an uptick of revenue. 

2. Reduce wait times

Most people who come into your restaurant are hungry and the idea of long queues and lengthy preparation might put them off ordering. 

With a restaurant kiosk, though, you solve the problem.

Self-service kiosks let your customers order when they want, even during busy periods when staff are busy with other tables. Quick and easy to use, they reduce queues and leave customers happy.

3. Improve order accuracy

Self-service restaurant kiosks put your customers in control of their orders. The biggest perk of this? Far fewer order errors.

When your restaurant is busy it’s all too easy for staff to mishear or misinterpret an order - especially if the diner wants to change a menu item. 

By taking the time to select their orders, your customers can send exactly what they want straight to the kitchen without room for error.

4. Allow for easy customisation

Some customers have dietary requirements or taste preferences that make customisation of your food a must. 

When ordering with staff, though, it’s easy for the customer to feel flustered. They might worry they’re holding up the queue or not describing their order correctly, making it a stressful experience. 

That’s where restaurant kiosks come in. 

With a self-service ordering terminal, your customers can take the time to place their orders exactly as they want. From no pickles on their burger to switching dairy cheese for vegan cheese, customisation is simple. 

You can even add options for your customers to alert the kitchen to allergies, making sure they always get food they’re happy to eat.

5. Seamless kitchen communication

When using a restaurant kiosk, your customers can send their orders straight to the kitchen. It’s quick, simple and seamless for an efficient process.

  • For introverts - this digital communication is a refreshing alternative to face-to-face ordering. 

  • For those in a rush - it’s an easier option that lets the customer know their order is on the way as soon as they pay. 

  • For the kitchen team - it makes it easy to see all upcoming orders in one place. Your staff can use the restaurant kiosk to quickly edit the menu, too.

  • For all customers - if an item is out of stock or comes back in, real-time updates will keep your customers in the loop.

6. Give staff more time to focus on service

When more customers are happily sending their orders to your kitchen via a self-service kiosk, your staff have time to focus on the diners who need help. 

Whether a customer has a question about a menu item or would like some guidance when ordering, your team can give them their full attention without falling behind on other tasks.

This creates a better experience for everyone. Your staff are happier and less stressed while customers receive higher-quality service. 

It’s a win-win that builds a better brand image for your business. 

How to choose the ideal kiosk?

Different kiosks are designed for different businesses. As a smaller restaurant business, you’ll need features that work for you and your customers. 

These can include:

  • Budget-friendly fees.

  • Customisable features for branding.

  • Easy-to-use.

  • Real-time editing.

  • Transaction reports.

  • Sales reports. 

  • Digital receipts.  

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Promote your restaurant - online - for free

Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor: find out all the tips you need to promote your restaurant for free on online platforms.

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