Meet the team: Migle Pletkuviene, Product Lead

Meet the team: Migle Pletkuviene, Product Lead

I'm a Product Lead in the Global Bank Tribe, working in the Accounts team. I'm Lithuanian and based in the Vilnius office, with 17 years of experience in the so-called "high-street bank", working in different roles like business architect and product lead. I'm a mom of 2 amazing boys, so every second of my free time is dedicated to my family. I adore French bulldogs - Lara is my second dog of this bread and would steal your heart in just a blink of an eye.

What do you do at SumUp?

I joined SumUp as a representative of Paysolut, a company acquired by SumUp a couple of years ago. As the Paysolut core system is the engine of SumUp transfers, I initially joined the Transfers team. And in August 2022, I accepted the Product lead role in the Accounts team.

What attracted you to join SumUp?

The SumUp value Founder's Mentality and its commitment to diversity and inclusion match my personal values - but what blows my mind is that each colleague here breathes the same values, even though SumUp is such a big company that is growing so fast.

Another significant thing that impressed me was how the management and every SumUpper reacted to the war in Ukraine. The rescue mission of SumUppers from Kyiv and Kharkiv was the critical thing for me to say "I want to be part of this company".

What makes SumUp different from other companies you've worked for before?

In the traditional banking sector, every process is outlined, every role is defined, roadmaps for minimum of 2 years are created, and projects' portfolio management is more important than the real-time response to the ever-changing situation. Everything is slow and sometimes tedious. At SumUp, life changes fast - we foster a dynamic environment where everyone is empowered to perform an important task, even if it's not directly related to your role. Still, you just do it to achieve the best results for SumUp.

What is the most challenging part of your job? 

The most challenging for me is to identify who owns what - it can be challenging for a newcomer to understand which team should be approached to solve your problem. On the other hand, everyone is super helpful and always willing to help.

How would you describe the Bank Tribe culture? 

The Global Bank is a new tribe that brought together teams in Berlin, Cologne, São Paulo, Sofia and Vilnius, looking after regional banks into one big global bank. We're currently in the progress of building a global culture. And what I like most is that we're openly sharing our experiences of what worked well in our teams before, trying to use it and reflect every time on whether it works and whether we should continue or change something.

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