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SumUp’s vision is to become a leading company in Diversity & Inclusion, empowering our SumUppers, merchants and communities that we live in and serve.

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Embracing the journey

At SumUp, we’re committed to building a culture where we can learn from each other in a safe space and thrive. We believe we can make a positive impact for our SumUppers, as well as for our planet as a whole. We’re not perfect, and there’s still work to do, but we’re embracing this rewarding journey together.


Our differences make us unique and strong. We want to appreciate our differences and empower our people to lead change. Driven by our values, we strive to create a culture where everyone belongs and feels supported. No matter how they identify.


We support the needs of SumUppers by promoting self-care habits and healthy boundaries. We encourage everyone to embrace work-life models that allow them to nurture their mental well-being as a priority. By creating a connected community, our goal is to build an environment where SumUppers are healthy and fulfilled.

“Being able to challenge each other is a valuable asset in our culture to drive our diversity efforts. We need to reflect on our own behaviours and societal norms to have an impact in our world.”

Felizitas, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Top Global Employer by Stonewall

For the second consecutive year, SumUp has been recognised as a Top Global Employer and received the Silver Award on the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2023, a remarkable step up from the Bronze Award in 2022 for its commitment to an inclusive and equitable workplace for the LGBTQ+ community.

Get a glimpse of diversity at SumUp

We're truly passionate about building diverse teams that represent our societies. And we are proud of our 3000+ different voices, perspectives, and experiences. Below you can see more about our workforce today.

Women representation

We celebrate our gender representation parity, where 44% of our SumUppers are women. Our goal is to have women represent 30% of our executive team - we're currently at 22%. At the moment, we have the following gender representation per career step:

training and learning levels

developing and progressing levels

leadership and executive levels

Workforce diversity


Although we’re a young company, with 83% of our SumUppers below 40 years old, we truly believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences amongst all generations.


Cultural diversity is at the core of our mission to help our merchants thrive. Currently, SumUppers have backgrounds from 93 countries to even better match the diversity of our merchants.


At SumUp, everyone is welcome. We support our global LGBTQ+ community, which represents 18% of our population. We're proud to share that 1,6% of SumUppers identify as transgender and 1,2% as non-binary.

Our SumUp networks

Our global SumUp Networks are the voice of our diverse communities. The Networks empower our groups to connect, celebrate, and act on what they’re passionate about.

Pride Club, SumUpride, Identidades TQI

SumUp's global communities for LGBTQ+ inclusion.

SumAfro, SumUp Afro EU

Global networks for our BIPoC community and allies.

Neurodiversity, PCD

Our community of SumUppers with diverse cognitive and mental abilities.

Grupos Mais

Our global network of 40+ SumUppers fosters age inclusivity.

Women Circle, SumUp Por Elas, Women in Tech

SumUp's global networks for women empowerment, gender equality, and caregivers.

Voices of SumUp

We're committed to amplifying the underrepresented voices of our diverse communities by sharing their inspiring stories to elevate awareness in our efforts for more social justice and inclusion in the workplace.

Esteban's story

"I felt appreciated and seen at SumUp. For the first time, I felt it didn't matter how I looked, but it mattered how I worked."

Hear from Esteban about his journey, courage in overcoming personal challenges, and the feeling of belonging he finds at SumUp.

Erwin's story

" I was born within the spectrum and suffer from depression. I feel comfortable talking about my condition because being able to talk about yourself is being able to be strong."

Hear from Erwin about his life before and after receiving a diagnosis and how families can help dismantle stereotypes.

Chinyere's story

"My biggest dream when living in Lagos was to explore the world and live in different places, and that's exactly what's happening right now."

Hear from Chinyere how she has overcome challenging moments after moving abroad to study and start building a new life far from her comfort zone.

Gabriella's story

"Every step I take here at SumUp helps build my professional life, which makes me feel comfortable and happy because I can do whatever I want."

Hear from Gabriella about her journey into gender transition as a trans woman and how work opportunities given to her have changed her life.

Igor's story

"I had a leader who believed in me, looked at me and trusted everything I did. Since that day, I started to grow at SumUp, and I've evolved a lot."

Hear from Igor how he brings his whole self to work every day and the safe space he found at SumUp as an introvert.

Higor's story

"I didn't have money to complete my high school degree. But I got access to a Java course, and with this course, I had my first opportunity to work as an engineer."

Hear from Higor about the hardships he faced before becoming an engineer and his advice for others going through the same.

Dayane's story

"My leaders gave me space to talk about my needs, allowing me to reconcile my work schedule to care for my daughter and my studies demands. And that's how I managed to graduate as a psychologist."

Hear from Dayane how she found the space and support to coordinate motherhood with professional life and study demands at work.

Shoaib's story

"At my first job after college, I'd send hundreds of letters and get fewer calls than everyone else. I was told it could be because of my name and how it sounds, and maybe I should go with something more American."

Hear from Shoaib how discrimination can be a daily reality for many with migrant backgrounds and how he made his way up in a new country as a war refugee.

“Being part of the Pride network gives me a warm feeling of belonging and support to help me bring my full self at work”.

Vico, User Researcher & Pride Club Network Lead

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