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An agile approach is iterative, incremental and non-hierarchical. We believe it’s the best way to minimise bureaucracy and preserve a close-knit culture.


To maximise agility across SumUp, we tackle big projects as tribes. Each tribe is devoted to a specific area and composed of autonomous squads.

Safe to fail

At SumUp, we see mistakes as opportunities to continuously learn and grow, not as reasons to panic or point fingers.

“Working at SumUp is a unique, enjoyable experience for me. I feel energised by the shared commitment of the whole team to making small businesses successful. It's exciting to work on complex challenges, building products that serve merchants' needs across the spectrum, from accepting payments to managing money and running businesses more efficiently. Doing this at scale across 36 markets makes it even more exciting.”

Anna, Chief Product Officer

We optimise for in-person work

SumUp is an office-first company. We believe that regularly working together in the same physical space is a necessary condition to delivering more value to our merchants, building deeper relationships with each other, and creating a fun place to work. In person, we can iterate, innovate, fail, and succeed together, faster. We’re more effective and have more fun in the process. This all creates a virtuous cycle.

And while we optimise for in-person work, we also believe the ability to occasionally work remotely empowers us all to balance work with other aspects of our lives. We trust our people and teams to navigate these occasions with transparency and communication. Our teams are organised into small, autonomous teams so they have autonomy to determine their own rituals and routines and any team or individual work arrangements are informed by our office-first culture.

Organisational vision

An enduring organisation that is people-positive and constantly innovates from within. An organism made up of small, autonomous, cross-functional teams pursuing a variety of missions, guided by one joint vision and a common set of values.


Being a people-positive organisation means making the development and happiness of our people a critical, continuing goal. It includes attracting the best talent, giving honest feedback, and empowering them to make decisions that align with our values and mission.

Innovation from within

Adaptability requires innovation, and to be scalable, innovation needs to happen spontaneously and systemically within SumUp. We owe much of SumUp’s success to cultivating a culture of innovation. We do that by setting the bar high and challenging ourselves to figure out how to clear it. Wild ideas and creative solutions are encouraged.

Variety of missions guided by one shared vision

SumUp’s vision is a world where everyone can build a thriving business. To achieve such a broad and multifaceted goal, we have broken it down into smaller missions that our teams work on, ranging from financial services to loyalty and point-of-sale products. Despite the varied missions, our vision remains the same and guides us towards a common goal.

Small, autonomous and cross-functional teams

We strive to create an agile organisation that can excel in any environment. We value autonomy, creativity, and experimentation without hierarchies and bureaucracy. SumUp consists of small, cross-functional teams that can adapt and make informed decisions. We approach every task as a learning opportunity, empowering us to make smarter decisions tomorrow.

Common set of values

To reap the benefits of being part of the same organism, our cells (teams) need to share a common way of working. While that could be achieved by defining strict rules and processes, the only way to do that while maintaining autonomy is to agree on the fundamental principles that guide our actions and decisions: our values. SumUp’s values are built on three main pillars: “We Care”, “Team First”, and “Founder’s Mentality”.

Career growth and development

We want SumUp to be a place where people development is integral to our culture. We strive to build a people-first environment, and career development is one of the main pillars.

At SumUp, you're the main driver of your career. We empower SumUppers to take ownership of their growth with the support of our leaders and People team. Everyone is encouraged to voice their interests and actively look for opportunities to help develop in their desired direction.

For this reason, we offer every employee a learning budget that can be used for diverse learning needs, enabling individuals to be successful in their current roles and grow within the organisation.

Building bonds, creating memories

Welcome to the heart of SumUp, where our commitment to fostering a vibrant community is as strong as our dedication to innovation. Explore career opportunities with us and join a team that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose.

Winter Wonderland 2023

We believe that shared experiences create lasting connections. Our team-building activities, company events, and social gatherings are how we break down barriers, laugh together, and build enduring bonds. It reflects our commitment to cultivating a workplace where colleagues become friends, and the spirit of adventure is as valued as innovation.

Hack Week

What better way to ignite creativity than spending a week together hacking? Our annual Hack Week is how we stay at the forefront of technology, foster a culture of innovation and promote cross-departmental connections.

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Ivan Deskov, Staff Engineer

Meet Ivan, a Staff Engineer in the Bank Tribe in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Erika Fer, Senior Product Manager

Meet Erika, a Senior Product Manager in the Global Bank Tribe in São Paulo, Brazil.

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