SumUp Hack Week — Why do we hack?

We’re on a mission to lead payment solutions for small merchants globally. To achieve that, we need to deeply understand the user’s needs and foster innovation among our tech teams to deliver a multiplicity of products to improve the lives of small business owners around the world.

Our agile culture enables us to be adaptable and promote an environment fuelled by curiosity and the feeling of ownership towards solving our users’ problems and making the work environment the best for all SumUppers.

Every year, the engineering, product, and design community take a break from their day-to-day projects and activities to get together in an inspiring destination — explore, test, and develop ideas proposed out of their own perception of value and problem-solving mindset. And every time, we come back with many new ideas to implement, a big shift in our team integration and a boost of energy to continue our journey towards SumUp’s mission.