Pet parrots via SMS; how Payment Links changed this business

Quarantine and social distancing times have led many people to look into the option of adding a household pet to their family.

This is a notion confirmed by Italian merchant, Marco, who has managed to continue running his animal business during this difficult period. However, it isn’t dogs or cats that Marco offers his customers, but parrots...

We spoke to Marco about how he has adapted his business during this period and to find out what it takes to look after these beautiful birds.

Marco has been running his Parrot Factory for 10 years, initially born out of his pure passion before becoming a full-time job.

The current lockdown situation in Italy means that customers can't visit the Parrot Factory in person to adopt a bird. However, that hasn’t stopped Marco supplying his eager clients. In response, he's begun to offer parrot home delivery.

Due to this new service, Marco has found SumUp’s Payment Links feature a great help. The new payment method is not only very practical–only a text message is needed–but it’s also an ideal way to protect the safety of himself and his customers while taking payment at a distance.

Marco’s love of parrots means he’s very keen to emphasise how tricky the process of raising one of these birds can be.

“It’s a big responsibility since the animal is dependent on the breeder for any need: from feeding to their environment, from socialising with its own kind (other species of parrots or other pets) to harmonious physical and psychological development. An in-depth knowledge of parrots, their needs, and hand-rearing techniques is required."

With this in mind, anyone wishing to take home a parrot as a pet should seriously consider the idea of ​​buying such a dependent creature. In hand breeding, parrots are put in contact with humans from a young age to establish a very close relationship with humans. This is why parrots that grow in this way aren't scared of humans but, instead, actively seek their company.

"Parrots are incredibly sympathetic and empathetic animals which become very attached to their owner, even to the point of having a truly physical need for their presence.”

Despite the current difficulties, Marco considers himself lucky. Not only has he managed to adapt his business to suit home deliveries, but he’s also seeing sales of his specialised feed take off. With these new services and products in place, and SumUp’s new remote payment features at his side, Marco can continue his passion.

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Lucia Cherchi

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