How to Get Started with SumUp

We designed SumUp to be as easy as possible to set up, but we understand that there might be some questions along the way. Whether it’s making an account, using one of our card readers, or taking advantage of our other products, here’s your guide to getting started. 

Joining SumUp

You can sign up with us in a matter of minutes. Just visit the homepage and click ‘Get started now’. You’ll be prompted to choose a card reader, or you can proceed without one for now. 

Once you click ‘Sign up’, you’ll be redirected and asked to create your login using your email, a password, and the country your business is in. Then, continue filling in your information as prompted. Once you’re done, if you’ve ordered a card reader, we’ll ship it to you for free. 

We also recommend downloading the SumUp app once your profile is made. You can find it for free on the Apple and Android app stores. 

With the SumUp app, you’ll have the tools to run your business all in one place, such as access to your sales history and remote payment options, like Payment Links and QR Codes. You can also open a free Business Account at any time. 

Setting up your card reader

Just like making a profile, setting up your card machine only takes a few minutes. No matter which reader (Air, 3G and printer, or Solo) you picked, it starts with turning on the power button. 

Setting up Solo

  1. Press the power button

  2. Select your language from the drop-down menu

  3. Log into your SumUp profile

  4. Connect Solo to WiFi (it can also be used with cellular data, as it comes with a SIM card)

  5. Update Solo by tapping “Download & Install”

  6. Start accepting payments

Solo is our most modern card reader yet, with an intuitive touchscreen interface, cellular connectivity, and continuous updates that ensure you always have the best experience. 

CTA: Check out Solo

Setting up the SumUp Air

  1. Open the SumUp app and log in using your email address and password.

  2. Enter £1.00 into the keypad and tap 'Charge'. The reader turns on automatically.

  3. Confirm that your card reader was found in the app by tapping 'Connect' to confirm that the 3-digit number shown in the app matches the last 3 digits of the serial number on the back of the card reader.

  4. Confirm the pairing request on your smartphone/tablet and on the card reader (by pressing the green tick button). 

  5. Pairing successful! The card reader will now sync your account information. The process takes about two minutes.

The Air is our most affordable and most popular card reader. Its low price point and ease of use make it an ideal choice for business owners wondering how to get started with SumUp

CTA: Check out SumUp Air

Setting up the 3G and Printer

  1. Press the power button

  2. Choose your language

  3. Choose between a WiFi or cellular connection (the 3G comes with a built in SIM card)

  4. Enter your SumUp profile login on the 3G screen

  5. Start accepting payments

The 3G also has a Printer you can use to offer customer receipts on site. To attach the 3G to the Printer, just slide the top of the reader into the top of the printer and push the bottom end down until it clicks into place. 

The combination of physical receipts and standalone use thanks to the built-in SIM card make the SumUp 3G and Printer bundle an excellent choice for any business. 

CTA: Check out the 3G and Printer

Selling online

When you join SumUp, you have access to a convenient and free ecommerce platform in SumUp Online Store. Just four short steps stand between you and selling to anyone from anywhere. 

Online Store provides you with simple but extensive web design options, so even with no coding knowledge, you can have a beautiful store. You can add your products in just a few clicks and add custom pages, like a checkout page, ‘About Us’, and ‘Contact’ page. 

Take payments easily via debit cards, credit cards, or services like Sofort and PayPal, and only pay a small fee per transaction – there are no fees for otherwise using or maintaining your store. 

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All-in-one business management

Do you own a retail business or a restaurant? With SumUp POS, you can access a wealth of features geared specifically towards running these and other businesses. 

Inventory management, menu editing, remote ordering, and more are all just a button tap away when you have a POS system. You can also get real-time updates on your business’s sales and performance, as well as detailed reports covering various points in time. 

The best part? You only pay for the features you need. All SumUp POS deals are tailored to your exact business needs. Of course, you can always make additions afterwards. 

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If at any point you have questions about our products and/or services, visit our Support Centre or give one of our agents a call; they’re always happy to help.

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Christine Lariviere