How to Issue a Refund with SumUp

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers increasingly expect flexibility when it comes to returns and exchanges. That’s why we’d like to support you and your business by offering an easy, trackable way to issue refunds.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Within the SumUp app or dashboard, tap on the payment you’d like to refund

  2. Select “Refund transaction” and enter your password

  3. The total is reimbursed onto the card used in the original transaction

You can refund any transaction up to 3 months after it’s been processed, as long as it’s not yet been settled. Refunded transactions are recorded within your “Sales history,” so you can take stock of your business’s performance at any time.

You, as the account owner, have the ability to refund transactions by default. All you need to do is enter your password for security purposes when prompted. If you’d like to enable your employee’s accounts to make refunds on your behalf, please contact our customer support team at 020 3510 0160.

Blog author

Christine Lariviere