On June 15th, say goodbye to the roaming charges on your phone!

On June 15th, say goodbye to the roaming charges on your phone!

A great step taken by the European Union.

As of today, if you are traveling within the EU, your phone plan will allow you to make and receive calls as well as send texts to your EU country of origin without incurring any extra costs.

In addition, when traveling internationally, you can surf the web from your smartphone at no extra charge (subject to the limitations imposed by your operator).

What are your benefits with SumUp?

  • You can use your payment terminal with your phone if you want to sell your products abroad at fairs or exhibitions (call Customer Support to advise us on these occasions).

  • Your customers from other European Union countries will be able to pay for their purchases by phone on the Air card reader with Apple Pay and Android Pay, and without the hassle of a purse.

What are the other ways our merchants benefit from the EU?

  • A single currency, the euro, facilitates exchanges and transactions between its nationals.

  • No tax is applied when goods are transferred within the EU.

  • Without borders, it is easier to attract foreign customers and increase turnover.

  • Free competition laws allow SMEs to have a greater chance of developing against industry giants

SumUp hopes that this new legislation will allow you to grow your business!

David Pillon