A tree for Environment Day

On June 5th, It's World Environment Day!

Next Monday, on June 5th, we will celebrate World Environment Day!

Created by the O.N.U in 1974, World Environment Day is now celebrated in more than 143 countries around the world. Its goal? To raise public awareness of ecological and environmental issues through various initiatives. This year, the theme is "Bring people closer to nature".

What can you do to bring your customers and your business closer to nature?

Idea # 1 - If you do not need to show off your merchandise at night in your window display, be sure to turn off all the lights when you leave in the evening—good for the planet and your pocket.

Idea # 2 - Partner with a local recycling organisation or an organic store in the area by distributing their flyers in your store. Maybe they will do the same in exchange. The important thing is to choose a company whose mission you believe in.

Idea # 3 - Enhance your work environment by placing plants in your shop, they will attract the eye of your customers and improve air quality. On the other hand, do not overuse heating and air conditioning and opt for open windows when the weather permits.

Idea # 4 - Raise awareness among your employees. They should all be informed of the recycling policies to be carried out depending on your business and the materials you use. In addition, do not hesitate to appoint a person in charge of this subject who can educate the whole company.

Idea # 5 - Finally, go digital when possible. Do you need to print out emails for your records? Does the customer want a printed receipt or an SMS? Can you show your entire catalogue on a screen? Many customers prefer digital over analogue equivalents.

What efforts are being made in this area by SumUp?

At SumUp, we encourage you to go green by sending receipts by email or SMS to your customers with the help of the app rather than printing them on paper. Note that with the advanced mode on our app, all receipts sent in this way will contain all the necessary information for tax purposes.

In addition, if your SumUp Card Reader is defective or you wish to obtain a new version, send us your old model by mail and we will recycle it for you!

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