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How Candid Beer transformed their workday with Point of Sale Pro by SumUp

For businesses like Candid Beer, Point of Sale Pro by SumUp became a lifeline during hard times. Read on to find out how the team at Candid Beer used Point of Sale Pro by SumUp and its range of features to not only improve their workflow but also to save their business during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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When Candid Beer met SumUp 

So, why was Point of Sale Pro by SumUp a perfect fit for Candid Beer? We spoke with the founder of the craft beer business, Mark Bamping, to find out more about what exactly they loved about the product and the ways in which it supported them. 

Candid Beer is located in the cultural quarter of Woodings Yard, Stafford, UK. Starting out as a craft beer bottle shop, the business has now branched out as a tap room, pizzeria and event space. Mark wanted to get his hands on a restaurant and bar till system that matched the Candid brand, something young, cool and innovative—that’s when he came across Point of Sale Pro by SumUp.

Credit: Candid Beer.

Simple, easy-to-use POS

Two of the most attractive things about Point of Sale Pro by SumUp for Mark were the simplicity and price of the solution. The fact that the bar POS software was iPad-based meant that it was intuitive, easy to use and quick for the team to get the hang of. They also loved how modular the features were, with the ability to toggle certain tools on and off as you needed them or as their business grew. 

The team can also accept card payments easily using their SumUp Air card reader, which seamlessly integrates with the Point of Sale Pro by SumUp system. 

“The price point was the most attractive thing for me. In the end, it was quite a straightforward decision to go with Point of Sale Pro by SumUp.”

Goodeats was a game-changer

Goodeats, our fully-integrated mobile ordering platform, was a game-changer for Candid Beer—especially during the COVID-19 lockdowns. With Goodeats, your customers can view your menu and order their food and drinks in just a few clicks, making your ordering process speedy and stress-free for your customers and your staff. 

The team at Candid transferred all of their menu items onto their Point of Sale Pro by SumUp system, which seamlessly integrated with Goodeats. This meant that customers could order their beer and pizza easily from the comfort of their own homes, or in-store. 

Mark told us that without this feature, Candid Beer probably wouldn’t have survived its first lockdown. Goodeats can transform delivery and click & collect services for any hospitality business, find out more here.

“Goodeats became an absolute lifesaver for us overnight.”

Features that transform your workday 

Candid Beer also took advantage of extra features of their POS system that ended up having a huge impact. When they opened their pizzeria in their venue, the Kitchen Display Screen tool came in handy during service. The kitchen staff could communicate with the front-of-house staff via the display screen which really improved communication and service speed.

When it came to keeping on top of their finances, the team discovered that they could use our Quickbooks integration—a handy tool that makes business accounting easier and faster. This was just one of many integration tools that connect seamlessly with Point of Sale Pro by SumUp, with practical add-ons that cover every corner of your business. 

Mark is looking forward to growing Candid Beer and eventually having multiple locations with multiple pub till systems, which he’ll be able to manage all from one place thanks to SumUp Point of Sale’s multi-vendor feature.

Mark loved how easy it was to get started with Point of Sale Pro by SumUp—he filled out an online request form, got a demo booked in no time, and was up and running with a new POS system in days.

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