Cashless travel payment systems made easy

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Most people say they’d like to travel more, and it’s easy to see why. Did you know that the feeling of wanderlust increases our body’s serotonin production, one of our happy hormones, which is why travelling makes us feel free and excited?

While travelling is therapy, it’s also a huge industry that is worth billions of dollars in today’s market.

As one of today’s top travel payment systems, SumUp partners with various travel businesses worldwide. One of these partners is TicketingHub.

TicketingHub is a cloud-based ticketing & reservation software for tours, events, and attractions, founded by Carl Pihl. Tour operators use its easy-to-use booking software and systems to generate up to 400 times more revenue while reducing operational costs in the background.

Grinding and hustling for the past nine years, TicketingHub has helped nearly 300+ tour guides and activity planners save time and reach their highest possible ROI.

TicketingHub has been with SumUp since 2019, as one of its best travel payment systems. As the world is moving toward cashless travel payments, TicketingHub has made it easier for tour operators to sell tickets in the most convenient manner possible, using a single platform that integrates booking software and POS controls.

You might have heard this famous line: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 9 years ago, TicketingHub took that step.

Back to the beginning

Carl Pihl, Founder of TicketingHub

Carl Pihl founded TicketingHub in 2013.

When it started, TicketingHub was not as successful as Carl thought it would become. But he persevered, as he’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

“There was even a time when my mom frantically screamed and thought I was selling drugs. That was a funny thing to recall, but at that moment, I knew I would want to become an entrepreneur.”

Read Carl’s story here: Carl Eduard Pihl of TicketingHub: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup.

The idea of TicketingHub came to Carl after he explored many other ventures.

Long before Facebook existed, Carl designed a social media platform for students. Before that, Carl sold tickets for clubbing nights at age 16 without his mom knowing. And that’s when his mom frantically screamed: “My son will never sell drugs!” upon finding stacks of cash in Carl’s room. 

Eventually, Carl started a ticketing business for selling events.

“But the problem was that everything was physical and nothing digital. At first, we built a concierge system to allow schools to print out their tickets. Little did we know that students were photocopying our tickets; and that attractions didn’t have a way to give us barcodes. We got stung with a huge bill and almost lost the business.” Carl said in his interview.

Right then and there, the idea of digitalization– the need for a solution that connects suppliers and distributors for tours and activities– entered Carl’s mind.

TicketingHub was born.

TicketingHub Today

Carl said, “Be agile, and don't be afraid to experiment with ideas and make mistakes.”

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was TicketingHub.

Today, TicketingHub is among the ticket reservation systems forecasted to grow tremendously by 2029.  What makes TicketingHub different?

Their Capterra reviews tell the story. Since 2017, TicketingHub has only had 5-star customer reviews. 

One way TicketingHub offers excellent customer support is through seamless integrations. From OTAs to CRMs, travel payment gateways, and digital waiver solutions, TicketingHub connects.

Speaking of travel payment gateways, SumUp provides merchant accounts to TicketingHub tour operators.

Integrating with a Seamless Cashless Payment System

TicketingHub and SumUp have been great travel partners since. SumUp, with its card payment and POS solutions, has been TicketingHub’s cashless travel payment system partner for its clients. With SumUp contactless payments, TicketingHub’s clients can sell and accept payments seamlessly on-site with the help of its alternative payment methods. SumUp's POS travel machines and card payment solutions make managing payments a breeze!

Providing Travel Payment Solutions for Our Clients

With SumUp, businesses can take in-person payments using cashless payment solutions that are simple, secure, and reliable. Because SumUp is available in multiple countries, it's an ideal payment solution for companies with global operations, such as Immersive Gamebox. On its sites scattered throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, Immersive Gamebox is able to accept credit cards and other cashless payments seamlessly with SumUp. 

Immersive Gamebox

"With TicketingHub andSumUp, we can track everything – from on-site to online bookings – in one intuitive dashboard. With TicketingHub’s end-to-end booking platform, we have transformed our immersive gaming experience services, and adding SumUp on-site is the icing on the cake!"

A leading Dublin tour operator, Vikings Splash Tours now uses SumUp to handle their on-site sales. In just a few minutes, VST can begin collecting payments. With SumUp, businesses like Vikings Splash Tours can take payments on the go, no matter where they are, using just their phones or tablets.

Vikings Splash Tours

"SumUp makes taking payments on tours easy and seamless! It is also credible in Europe, so our guests feel confident in our payment system. This TicketingHub integration has really helped us level up our tours."

If you're looking to take a city or sightseeing tour in Liverpool, you can do it without worrying about carrying cash. Thanks to SumUp’s card readers, Liverpool City Sights is now accepting cashless payments at any of their bus stops. This means that you can simply tap your card or phone to pay for your ticket, without having to fumble around for a change. 

Liverpool City Sights

“With TicketingHub's SumUp integration, our bus tours have been completely upgraded, from booking to payment processing. By accepting cashless payments, we were able to enhance the tour experience. Syncing our sales inventory into one centralized TicketingHub dashboard has enabled us to maximize productivity and boost backend efficiency. Thanks for this seamless integration!"

One of Carl’s biggest dilemmas is offering and operating with digital solutions. Technology is moving forward and not stopping for the travel industry. Now that SumUp partnered with TicketingHub, tour providers like Liverpool City Sights and Vikings Splash Tours can offer premium travel experiences. From online booking processes to the modern payment experience, travelling has never been easier!

Like Carl always says, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” 

“Integrating with SumUp was the right decision for TicketingHub. It has accelerated the adoption of cashless payments for in-person sales for our clients. With SumUp’s POS solutions, our clients easily open an account and take payments in person or on the go. As a result, zoos, attractions, and tour operators can run their cashless operations smoothly - always ready to process payments the modern way. By moving from cash to cashless, we have reimagined the travel experience for our customers, boosting their conversion and customer experience and enhancing their image simultaneously.”

Interested in seeing how SumUp can help your business grow too? Visit our website to learn more.

SumUp Team