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5 ways to get paid with SumUp

Cash is king, the old saying goes – but is that really the case these days? Increasingly, customers are turning away from using cash, both because of new habits formed during the pandemic, and because there’s an ever-expanding range of more convenient and appealing ways to pay.

Certainly, cash alternatives are on the rise in the UK – even back in 2018, debit card transactions were exceeding cash payments. Cashless is easier for customers; it’s quick, secure, and there’s never an awkward scramble to find exact change. At SumUp, we make it simple for small businesses to go cashless. No contracts, no hidden fees, just easy flexible payments. 

Card readers

A card reader is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think of cashless payments. Ours are easy-to-use for both you and your customers, and we don’t charge any monthly fees or ask you to sign a contract. A SumUp card reader is also small enough to fit in your pocket, so you can take it wherever your business takes you. 

Our readers let you take payments via debit card, credit card, contactless payment, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 

Online Store

Another great way to get paid is to set up an online store so you can sell your products to anyone from anywhere. With SumUp’s free online store builder, you can create your very own ecommerce website in minutes. Simply add items, press publish and reach customers around the world. And with our intuitive store editor, it’s a breeze to add logos, homepage banners and SEO tags – no web design skills required.  

QR Codes

Payment by QR code saw a huge surge in popularity during the pandemic. If you’re looking for a hygienic, truly contactless payment solution, look no further. Simply generate a code within the SumUp App and send it to your customers via social media, email, or SMS, and let your customers pay wherever they are. 

Or print as many copies of your code as you like and stick them in convenient spots around your place of business. Then your customers can pay with their smartphones, completing transactions via our secure website. 

Payment Links

Payment links are a flexible way to get paid online. Enter the amount you want to charge, generate a link, and share it with your customer via social media, SMS or email. The link will take the customer to a secure website where they can complete the transaction. It’s a great way to take cashless payments without a card reader. 


With SumUp Invoices, you can generate professional, legally-compliant, on-brand invoices in moments. When your customer receives an invoice, they’ll have the option to pay online, instantly and securely. You can create and send as many invoices as you like with no service fees. There are also no costs for receiving payment by bank transfer – just a small fixed fee for card payments. All in all, SumUp Invoices makes it just that little bit easier to get paid on time. 

Sound good? Then start your cashless payment journey with SumUp today.

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