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SumUp and the medical sector: Safe, cashless payments

How the pandemic made medicine mobile

Since COVID-19 swept across the globe, there’s been a significant shift in how the businesses and systems we interact with on a daily basis operate. The medical sector has seen some of the biggest changes, with the pandemic adding several more layers to the world of healthcare. Medical practices are more regulated than ever, countered with the demand and number of patients at a high. Waiting lists are long and doctor’s waiting rooms are often half-empty, due to a whole new world of safety measures and restrictions. Spaces such as shopfronts and music venues have been transformed into COVID-19 testing centres, attempting to bring some sort of order to the chaos of work, travel, and up-and-down infection rates. 

Such shifts bring about the need for changes in the technology we use. That’s where SumUp works hand in hand with the medical sector. Our products can provide a safe and secure payment system for healthcare businesses. 

Easy payments at a distance

Practices and surgeries are now burdened with risks of the virus spreading amongst patients and staff, so specific measures must be taken to make these spaces as safe as possible. Social distancing and surgical masks are the new norm, but changes to how customers pay for their treatments can further improve their own safety as well as that of the staff they interact with. It’s no secret that cash is becoming more and more of a hassle to carry and handle. In the midst of a pandemic, cash isn’t ideal when it comes to maintaining a time-efficient, safe, and hygienic practice environment. Using cashless methods of payment speeds up client processing times, as well as provides a contactless way to safely accept payments. The SumUp Air Card Reader can be paired with your smartphone and connected to WiFi, so you can easily accept cashless payments. If you need to process payments remotely, Payment Links and Invoices allow you to do so too. 

On the move

Another element of change that the pandemic has brought about for the medical sector is how clinics, practices, and other services have gone mobile. COVID-19 test centres have sprouted up everywhere so that people can work, travel, and prevent the spread of the virus. These test centres can be stationed at all different types of spaces, including abandoned business buildings or temporarily closed bars, theatres, and arenas. Wherever they pop up, test centres have a huge turnover of clients and need a fast and safe way to process payments. 

Another SumUp product that goes hand in hand with your medical business on the move is our SumUp QR Codes. Accepting payments via QR codes allows your customers to complete the entire payment process using their phones—that means no fumbling around for cards or cash, or risking the spread of infection through physical contact. You can put your unique QR code on display around your medical business, be it at the entrance, counter, or waiting areas. Operating your mobile medical business can usually be busy and fast-paced, so QR codes don’t require customers to create an account or download an app to pay—it’s all done via our secure website. 

Simple solutions for complicated times

If there’s one thing we’ve all experienced during the pandemic, it’s uncertainty. Seeing a wave of businesses closing, reopening, and closing again, can be a stressful situation to navigate. The feeling of not knowing whether we’re coming or going can be a blocker for growing your business or making important decisions. With SumUp, there are no binding contracts. Medical business owners can sign up and easily accept payments right away, without any paperwork or hidden fees. You’ll only be charged a one-off price for your device and a fixed rate per transaction. No matter what the future holds for your medical business, you won’t be tied down by any contractual agreements. Making the most of your business in complicated times also calls for a reliable device that serves as a proper all-rounder when it comes to getting paid for your services. The SumUp Solo Card Reader does just that. Solo is a pocket-sized, all-in-one payment device designed to level up your business. Its intuitive touch screen makes payments seamless, and its WiFi and built-in 3G internet connection make possibilities endless. 

If you think SumUp is a fit for your medical business and you’d like to talk to our Sales team about a custom offer, get in touch via the form below.

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