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5 things you didn’t know you could do with SumUp

For many people, SumUp is synonymous with one thing; easy card payments. But did you know that we offer a whole host of tools designed to help you take your business to the next level? These are all available to you through your SumUp profile, which you can set up in a few easy steps. Once you’re up and running, you can access all of our digital products from a web browser or via the SumUp App. 

Let’s take a look at what you can do. 

1: Open a free business account 

When you create a SumUp profile, you can also open a SumUp Business Account. This is a free online current account that makes it easy to spend, send, and manage your money. There’s no minimum balance and no fees on incoming or outgoing payments, so you can use the account however you like.

Our Business Account gives you an easy way to separate your personal and work-related finances, and lets you transfer money between any UK bank accounts for free, all from the SumUp App. 

We’ll also send you a SumUp Card, with which you can make payments and take out cash. This contactless Mastercard can be used with Apple and Google Pay and it’s completely free, which makes it perfect to use for all your business expenses.  

And by opening a Business Account, any money you earn using a SumUp card reader will be there the next day. You’ll get all your payouts within 24 hours, even on weekends.

2: Build your own online store

Looking for an easy way to reach a wider market? WIth SumUp, you can take your business online by building an Online Store. Our ecommerce platform is easy and completely free to set up and use. In as little as 10 minutes, you'll have your own company website. 

With an Online Store, you can reach customers from anywhere without worrying about time zones or opening hours. All the items you add to your SumUp profile are available in your Online Store. Just toggle ‘Display in Online Store’, and they'll show up, complete with images and product descriptions. Set up shipping options for your customers to choose from, including delivery and in-store pickup. 

The variety of customisation options in the Online Store Editor mean you can personalise your store to fit your brand. Any time you want to change something, you can do it from the SumUp App or Dashboard. 

We’re committed to helping you succeed, so we’ve included resources to help you perfect your store in the SumUp Dashboard. Check out our helpful articles on everything from writing product descriptions to setting your prices to taking product photos. Within the Dashboard, you can also easily access reports on your store’s performance. 

3: Issue invoices

Want an easier way to keep track of your payments and bill customers? We’ve made it simple for you to send Invoices to customers in seconds. What used to be an annoying, time-intensive process can now be sorted in just a few clicks. We provide a template for professional invoices; just fill in the details of your transaction and you’re ready to go. 

Once you send a customer an invoice, it’s easy for them to pay. They can either pay you directly via bank transfer or use the link that’s automatically emailed to them to pay from a secure portal. Payments via link are subject to a 2.5% transaction fee – otherwise there are no costs. All payments are linked to your SumUp profile, making it easy to see all your finances in one place. 

You can see the status of customer payments in the ‘Invoices’ tab of the SumUp App or Dashboard. You’ll know when you’ve been paid, which invoices are pending, and which payments are late. 

4: Get paid with QR codes

Easily taking card payments is great, but what if we said you could go even further? SumUp lets you create QR codes right from the SumUp App, which customers can scan so they can pay in seconds. 

You can print out your QR codes for use in whatever creative location you think of. Put them on a menu or on the table so people can pay as soon as they are ready, or at certain points in your store to cut down on the lines at checkout. 

QR codes are convenient for your customers too, since they don’t have to wait around or come to the counter to pay. Once they scan the code, they can check out in a few taps via the app or as a guest on our secure website.

5: Get paid with Payment Links

Payment Links are an easy way for customers to pay remotely. You can send them to anyone via SMS, email, or social media. 

All you need to create a payment link is to enter an amount in the SumUp App, click ‘Charge’, and select ‘Payment Links’. 

Like QR codes, it’s easy to checkout using a payment link on the app, or on a secure website for those without the app. 

Check out our business guide

Any questions about our tools or services? Head over to our Support Centre to find the answers. 

Max Elias