VICE Italy and SumUp present the LOCALS series

Keeping in mind how important small merchants are to communities, we began a successful media partnership with VICE Italy during the months of March, April and May 2022 to introduce something completely new to SumUp.

With the help of VICE, we’ve accelerated our latest 360 campaign that connects PR & SoMe in a complementary sense, presenting SumUp merchants with an innovative idea that would thrill them to get involved. We invited them to share their unique stories and describe their roles in the community, as well as how digital payment solutions help them fulfill their customers’ needs.

LOCALS is a journey to discover the most interesting and fresh neighbourhoods of Milan, Rome and Naples and a chance to do so from a unique perspective. We explore the cities through the strictly local eyes of our SumUp merchants. In a series of 3 editorials with a dedicated Instagram gallery, three ambassadors from VICE take readers on a virtual tour of hidden local gems, informed by their expert perspectives.

Moreover, the storytelling introduces SumUp to a younger (millennials and Gen Z) audience for the first time: these young people represent a new, post-pandemic understanding and embodiment of entrepreneurship.

These stories reflect the values of communities founded on mutual solidarity, which stresses the impact and essential role that small merchants play in our lives meeting our everyday needs. 

VICE’s “strictly local” approach emphasises authenticity and sustainability, both economically and environmentally. Whether they own a bar, a musical instrument shop, a tailor, or a second-hand shop, our merchants have a common vision. They come from different backgrounds, but are linked to their communities through inspiring connections with other entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with VICE Italy.

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SumUp Team