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Take card and contactless payment with SumUp 3G and Printer

The SumUp 3G and Printer bundle is an ideal card machine for small business if you're a merchant looking to process payments and print receipts wherever you are. As the 3G is able to connect to Wi-Fi and has its own SIM card and unlimited data plan, it can be used from anywhere. The accompanying printing cradle adds a host of appealing functions. To help you understand exactly what the duo can do, we created this quick walkthrough.

SumUp 3G features

The SumUp 3G is a versatile, feature-rich card reader. It can accept almost any kind of cashless payment, from debit and credit cards to contactless phone payments via Apple or Google Pay. But your 3G can do more than accept payments; with it, you can also:

  • Issue refunds by navigating to ‘sales history’ and selecting the transaction you’d like to refund.

  • Enable customers to tip you after transactions by turning on ‘tipping’ in ‘profile settings’.

  • Add and edit tax rates for your items, also from the ‘profile settings’ menu.

  • Create multiple employee profiles, so that your staff can also use your 3G.

Setting up the reader

Once you turn on and set up the 3G, you’ll be able to take payments wherever you go. Setting up the 3G only takes a few minutes; for a step-by-step overview of the process, check out our 3G setup guide.

Setting up the printer

The second part of the bundle is what distinguishes the 3G further from other card readers and makes it a stellar card machine for small business. The printer allows you to offer physical receipts to your customers on the spot, which is useful for anyone diligent about their record-keeping. It’s also designed to be a case/charging station for the 3G. Setting up the printer is easy; you just need to attach it to your 3G prior to processing a transaction. You can do this by slotting the top of the reader into the top of the printer and pushing down until it clicks into place. The printer comes with 3 paper rolls, which are easy to replace after you’ve gone through them. The printer will tell you when you’re running out of paper by showing a few red lines. If you have questions about how to set up and maintain your printer, this guide will help.

Using the printer

The printer lets you offer physical receipts to customers, automatically or on a case-by-case basis, as well as charge your 3G. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: Navigate to ‘device settings’ on your 3G and click on ‘Printer’, then select ‘auto-print receipts (if you want to print after every transaction) or you can print manually if you want to select specific transactions to print receipts for. To make the most of your printer, check out our manual.


All you need to use the 3G is an internet connection, either in the form of Wii-Fi or a 3G mobile network. If you run into an issue using the 3G, check out our guide to connecting it to the internet. And if you encounter any other issues, head over to our support centre.

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