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How to use your SumUp Solo card reader to get paid without cash

Say hello to SumUp’s first next-gen card reader, Solo. Engineered and designed entirely in-house based on merchant feedback, it’s compact, fast, and self-contained – meaning it comes with its own SIM card and unlimited data plan, so it can be used anywhere. 

Solo aims to make card payment for business as simple as possible, with a streamlined touchscreen interface designed to cut down on confusion and get you selling. But we know the idea of a card reader that works like a smartphone can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to SumUp, so here’s a guide to what you can expect from it. 

Setting up Solo

Solo only takes a few minutes to set up out of the box. You just need to turn it on and log in with your SumUp profile credentials, then connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi network, so that you can install the required software updates. 

When you set up Solo, it can be used anywhere. You can take it on the road or use it in-store to accept payments. Solo works entirely on its own, with all your transaction information stored within the device. The touchscreen interface was designed to be easy to navigate and give you unprecedented functionality for such a small device. 

For a more detailed description of how to set up Solo, check out our setup guide here.

Making the Most of Solo’s Features

Once your Solo’s up and running, here are a just a few of the things you’ll be able to do with it: 

  • Accept most credit and debit cards, as well as mobile contactless payments via Apple or Google Pay.

  • Go anywhere with Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection and accept payments. 

  • Access your sales history using the touchscreen interface, where you can see every transaction you’ve made. 

  • Issue refunds to customers and offer them digital receipts, again from the sales history screen. 

  • Enable tipping on all transactions, in the form of numbers or percentages. The option to tip shows up immediately after the transaction goes through. 

  • Access new functionality via free automatic software updates. 


As a totally self-contained payment terminal, all Solo needs to be able to work is a connection to the internet. Solo scans for 3G and Wi-Fi networks automatically, depending on which option you choose. 

If you encounter any issues, check out our guide on connecting Solo to the internet. And if you ever have any questions about how to use your card machine, head over to our support centre

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Max Elias