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An Apple a day: how to use Apple Pay with SumUp

In 2022, we ask a lot of our smartphones. Check the weather, book a dinner reservation, YouTube ‘how to fix my car’ – there’s almost no limit to what they’re used for. And of course, people are increasingly doing business with them too. 

Mobile wallet apps are on the rise. What is a mobile wallet? It’s an app that lets you load your debit or credit card information onto your phone, turning it into a contactless payment device. One of the most well-known and widely used of these apps is Apple Pay. 

Basics of Apple Pay

What is Apple Pay? 

Apple Pay is Apple’s service allowing anyone with an iOS device – whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch – to turn that device into a means of contactless payment. In stores, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases in seconds by holding your device close to a card reader that accepts Apple Pay. If you’re using an Apple Watch, just double click the side button before you hold the device near the reader. 

It can also be used remotely. If you’re paying for something online or in another app, you can checkout using Apple Pay with just a tap of your finger or a glance at your screen, depending whether you have Touch ID or Face ID. 

How does Apple Pay work? 

In order to use Apple Pay, you need to have at least one credit or debit card linked with it. How do you set up Apple Pay? To put your card information on your phone, just scan the card so that all its details (card number, expiration date, and CVC) are visible. You can also input this information manually. 

Once you’ve added a card to Apple Pay, you’re ready to use your iOS device in transactions. 

What is the limit on Apple Pay?

Apple Pay works similarly to other contactless payment options. But unlike other contactless payments, there’s no limit placed on Apple Pay. That means you can spend however much you want. 

You can use Apple Pay in shops, to fill up your car, and even to furnish your house. 

Is Apple Pay safe? 

The short answer is yes, it is. How safe is Apple Pay? Well, even though you’ve entered your card’s data to use it for purchases, your card number is never actually stored on your iOS device. And every transaction you make, in addition to being encrypted, is assigned its own unique number.

That means even if someone were to hack the reader you purchased something with, they wouldn’t get to your personal information. And unlike a physical card, if you lose your phone somewhere, you’re still protected by Apple’s ID verification, whether that’s facial or fingerprint recognition. 

Accepting Apple Pay 

How to set up Apple Pay in your business

Now that you know how Apple Pay works, it’s time to incorporate it into your business. 

If you want customers to be able to pay with their iPhones in your store, you’ll need a card reader that accepts Apple Pay. Does SumUp accept Apple Pay? Yes, all of our card machines support it, as well as supporting other mobile wallet apps like Google Pay. 

Using Apple Pay at one of our card machines only takes a few seconds. The customer holds their phone near the NFC (near-field communication) portion of the machine and authenticates the payment with a tap or glance. 

All our card readers are affordable, portable, and internet-ready, so you can use them to take payments wherever you go. And there are no hidden fees after purchase, only a charge of 1.69% per transaction. 

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Using Apple Pay for business purchases

Convenient and contactless payment in seconds isn’t just for your customers. You can also use Apple Pay to make purchases for your business. 

How do you use Apple Pay as a business owner? If you have a SumUp Business Account,  you’ll have been sent a free Mastercard, which you can use with Apple Pay. 

Simply scan the card with your phone like you would any other – or add it via the SumUp App – and it’s ready for use with Apple Pay. Any time you need to buy something for your business, instead of reaching into your wallet, just pull out your phone and give it a tap. 

Being able to use Apple Pay with your SumUp Card lets you easily separate your business finances and your personal finances. All the money on your SumUp Card comes from your Business Account. 

Aside from giving you an easy way to separate your business and personal finances, having a SumUp Business Account means: 

  • Next-day payouts, every day. 

  • Bank transfers anywhere in SEPA, and free transfers anywhere within the UK.

  • No monthly fees and no minimum balance, so you have complete control over how you use it. 

Interested in opening a Business Account? It only takes a few minutes.

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It’s simple to make Apple Pay work for your business. Accepting and using it yourself both only take a little effort, but save you a lot of time in the long run. The faster your transactions go through, the more of them you can process. And as of 2020, around 500 million people globally were using Apple Pay. 

Think it’s time for you to level up your payment game? It’s as easy as joining SumUp and getting your hands on a card reader. Then you’ll be able to use Apple Pay in your business, and benefit from all the services we offer, like a free Business Account and Online Store

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