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Food service for stadiums: How to kick off in-seat ordering and delivery

An important element of operating a stadium is how its visitors can access food and drink. Stadium events are a huge opportunity to boost revenue thanks to the sale of quick-service products like hot dogs or beer, but serving and selling these products efficiently can be a challenge. The bigger the crowd, the longer the queues, and this environment can put huge pressure on your team and facilities.

These wait times and busy conditions often lead to frustrated stadium-goers, who end up abandoning their order and returning to their seat — leading to a decrease in sales and in increase in food waste.

So, how can you improve your food service at your stadium? What tools or technology should you use? Is your venue suitable for in-seat delivery?

We’ve put together a guide that can help you learn more.

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What is in-seat delivery?

In-seat delivery in stadiums means customers can order their food and drink and get it delivered directly to their seat. This kind of service has been in place for almost a decade, with more and more venues optimising their operations by going digital. In-seat delivery is the most efficient way to serve the maximum amount of customers while staying organised and productive. This can be achieved by implementing a digital point of sale system, allowing customers to order via their mobile or a self-service kiosk.

The benefits of in-seat delivery for stadiums: 

  • Provide a more seamless and stress-free customer experience

  • Avoid long queues especially during busy periods

  • Promote contactless payments for a speedier checkout

  • Encourage customer to spend more with suggested add-ons

  • Enable the purchase of souvenirs and merchandise

  • Automate certain processes so that your staff have more time

Why offer in-seat delivery in your stadium?

1. A better customer experience

Going digital with mobile and delivery orders not only gives your visitors more choice, but also makes their experience less stressful. Customers can still order at the counter if they prefer, but others can take advantage of the delivery service and make sure they don't miss a moment of their event.

2. Increase average order value

Customers are always inclined to order more when they do so digitally. Using mobile or kiosk ordering technology allows you to better display your promotions, as well as suggest add-ons to your customers at checkout. Stadium visitors also have more freedom and time to browse your menu in full.

3. Quick payments via an app

As well as offering flexible payments via your card reader, your customers can also pay for their order using an app. This speeds up checkout and make things easier for everyone.

How to set up in-seat delivery with a POS solution

Implementing a modern point of sale (POS) system is the best way to optimise everyday processes at your stadium.

With SumUp Point of Sale Pro, your stadium benefits from a powerful, scalable solution packed with features dedicated to large and multi-chain businesses.

  • Orders made simple

  • Lightning-fast checkout 

  • Slick hardware setup

  • Real-time data and reports

  • Multi-user access

No matter how big your team or venue, POS Pro can be scaled to fit your business. Find out more now.

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Mathis Jean-Gilles