A woman prints a customised receipt in a cafe.

How to make the most of our new customisation feature

In April 2020, we launched a new feature that many SumUp merchants have been clamouring for—customisable receipts. In a matter of seconds, you can now add a personal touch to your transaction receipts by customising your:

  • Company name

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Website

  • Footer message

You can do all of this without altering any of your SumUp account details or legal data – all changes are purely cosmetic and only appear on your receipts. If you already have a SumUp account, you can customise your receipts in the SumUp Dashboard. Just click "Account" and then "Receipts" in the menu panel on the left.

Why you should customise your receipts

As a business owner, every interaction you have with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with them. You may not have given much thought to the brand-boosting potential of receipts—after all, by this stage of a transaction, you’ve already well and truly sealed the deal. 

It shows you care

But think of it like this: by issuing a bland, generic receipt, you may inadvertently give the impression that you don’t care about your customers once you’ve been paid. If you customise your receipts, on the other hand, you’ll clearly demonstrate that you put thought into every stage of the customer journey and pay close attention to small details.

It's free advertising

It’s also worth considering receipts as an extremely cost-effective form of print marketing. UK companies spend over £1 billion per year on print advertising, and the cost of running even a modest campaign can be prohibitive for small business owners.

But by customising your receipts, you can communicate directly with your most loyal customers without incurring any significant additional expense.

How you can customise your receipts

Footer customisation is a particularly valuable marketing tool. Here are a few suggestions to help you start making the most of it.

Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest news

New seasonal menu or stock incoming? Any upcoming events to announce? Update your receipt footer to let your customers know why they should return soon. You can also use this space to announce amended opening hours or other changes to your regular services—this is particularly useful in times of uncertainty or crisis.

Incentivise repeat business with discounts or special offers

According to the 2019 Coupon Intelligence Report compiled by Valassis, 86% of consumers are influenced by coupons to both choose among brands they typically buy and to try new products. 

By customising your footer, you can instantly transform your receipts into tempting discount vouchers. Simply add a statement such as, “Claim £5 off your next in-store purchase over £30 with this receipt.”

Build your online presence or mailing list

In the coming months, we’ll introduce an option to enhance your digital receipts with clickable links. Once this feature is live, you can use this to encourage newsletter sign-ups or online registration. To sweeten the deal, you could offer a one-time discount or coupon for new subscribers. 

You’ll also soon be able to include links to social media profiles on your receipts. So if you’re not currently making the most of these marketing channels, now’s the time to launch that company Instagram or Twitter account.

Why we introduced receipt customisation

At SumUp, we’re always looking for new ways to make life easier for our merchants. Over recent months, our Customer Service Experts noticed a high volume of enquiries related to receipt customisation. 

By empowering users to make these changes themselves, we hoped to give our merchants more control over their SumUp accounts, while also freeing up valuable time for our Customer Service teams to focus on more complex requests.

On both counts, the immediate response has been overwhelmingly positive. During the launch month of April, over 35,000 SumUp users added addresses to their receipts, while over 15,000 updated their business name and over 10,000 customised their footer.

Meanwhile, we’ve seen a substantial decline in receipt-related customer enquiries. Our Italian support team, for example, recorded just 36 in April, down from 242 in January.

Paul O'Callaghan