How we hire

We know that embarking on a job search journey can feel overwhelming. We’re committed to ensuring that our hiring process is transparent and easy to navigate, making your experience with us as welcoming as possible.

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Our hiring process

The following steps outline a typical hiring process, which may vary depending on the position, team or seniority level.

Recruiter interview

Your first interview will likely be with one of our expert recruiters, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. We focus on exploring your motivation, purpose, curiosity, transferable skills, and core values.

Hiring manager interview

During this interview, the hiring manager will provide detailed information about the role and team structure and discuss how you could be a match. At this stage, we'll assess the qualities of collaboration, technical skills, and proactivity.

Technical interview

As part of the more detailed assessment, we may ask you to prepare a technical assessment to help us understand how you think.

Team interview

Your potential colleagues will help provide a broader view of life at SumUp and answer any questions about how we work.

Bar raiser interview

You'll go through an interview with a bar raiser - an interviewer from a different team brought in to give an unbiased perspective on your abilities and values as part of the final interview stage.

Decision and offer

If you're successful, a recruiter will get in touch with an offer and officially invite you to join the team. That's when we'll walk you through our compensation package, including benefits, contract, starting date and other details.

Each step in-depth

Tips and tricks

Check out these tips from our Talent Acquisition team that will help you nail your interviews and make your application stand out from the crowd.

Tailor your resume to your dream job

You’ll often hear that you should tailor your CV to each job you apply for. Instead, we suggest that you think about your goals and personal values. Use that to imagine your ideal new job, company culture and the team you want to be part of. Now, make sure your CV is a good match for that. Include keywords that capture your must-haves and nice-to-haves.

Keep it short and sweet

Sometimes less is more – focus on showing the impact of your work and the main achievements for each position. Be mindful of readability – how enjoyable is it to read your CV? Ask someone who doesn't work in your field to read it and see if it's clear and engaging for them.

Show your values and personality

We believe that being professional is compatible with showing your personality. Be authentic and transparent about who you are and what is important to you – that will make it easier to find the right match.

How to rock your interviews

How we hire

Our Talent Acquisition team shares valuable interview tips to help you stand out and succeed in your job application journey. Learn from our experts how to ace your interviews.

Becoming a SumUpper

Want to know what to expect when you join SumUp? Get an inside look into our company culture and day-to-day work directly from our teams.

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Begin your job hunt by narrowing things down a little.

Banking & Finance

The maestros managing the money matters of our rapidly-growing company.

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This creative collective ensures that our products are beautiful and intuitive, and that our brand resonates with existing and potential customers. 

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Engineering & Product

The visionaries creating powerful products and services used by millions of business owners around the globe.

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These experts ensure that our merchants can completely trust us to process their payments.

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Marketing & PR

Our communications experts devise innovative strategies to grow SumUp’s brand, attract new customers and keep existing merchants excited about our products.

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Office Management & IT

The dedicated individuals working tirelessly to create an exceptional working environment for all SumUppers.

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From expertly handling customer enquiries to preventing fraud, these multifaceted teams ensure a first-class experience for our beloved merchants.

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Our Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Employee Experience and Employer Branding teams share the ultimate goal of making SumUp one of the best places to work in the world.

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Sales & Partnerships

These dealmakers, tech gurus, account managers and analysts seek out new businesses to partner with and empower.

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