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Fivestars becomes SumUp Loyalty

Here at SumUp, it’s our mission to empower growing businesses with an array of affordable, best-in-class payment solutions that keep your business running with ease. In 2021, Fivestars joined the SumUp family to bring effective, automated loyalty programs to SumUp merchants. Now, your business can benefit from reliable ways to accept payments and an efficient way to market to your customers.

What is a loyalty rewards program?

Long gone are the days where consumers are expected to keep track of a physical punch card. Now, shoppers prefer an easier way to earn points for their purchases. With a powerful loyalty rewards program like SumUp Loyalty, your customers can seamlessly sign up to join your digital program right at checkout. From then on, they can sign in with their phone number to redeem rewards. 

Once a customer is in your database, we’ll send automatic promotions to keep them engaged with your business. Plus, we’ll also market to other consumers in the SumUp network to promote your business, growing your customer base easier than ever.

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The importance of loyalty for your business

Did you know that on average, 60% of customers don't return to a business after their first visit? With our digital loyalty rewards program, you can easily keep track of customer rewards, send automated marketing promotions, and so much more.

Build your network

The Fivestars Love Local Network has over 70 million shoppers who use the Fivestars App to find local businesses. Plus, when new customers find you through the app, they’re offered an introductory promotion to get them excited about visiting your business.

Automate your rewards

With automated marketing, you can craft a digital rewards program for your customers and build a set of automatically sent campaigns to welcome new customers and bring back those who haven’t visited recently.

Launch impactful campaigns

The AutoPilot feature automatically sends your customers an app notification, text message, or email with special offers that bring them back 10x more effectively than other marketing tools.

In-App and website promotion

We’re the trusted customer loyalty program for more than 12,000 local businesses. When customers open the SumUp App or visit our website, they will be shown a map of nearby businesses, giving them another chance to discover yours.

Customize audience groups

Marketing is at its most effective when it feels personal. With the SumUp Loyalty segmentation tool, you can create customized categories that make sense for your business. Then, when you’re ready to send a promotion, simply select the groups you want to reach and watch your message make an impact.

Track customer activity

Every time a customer signs up, checks in at the counter, or redeems a reward, your SumUp Loyalty dashboard will track that activity. Best of all, AutoPilot and Promotions work together to bring your customers back faster.

Grow your business faster than ever

Customer Acquisition

Your business will be featured on the Customer Touchscreen at neighboring (and non-competing) SumUp businesses. We show the reward you’ve set up for Acquisition, and once interested customers save it, they’re added to your database.

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