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Affordable point of sale solutions

SumUp is built on the belief that everyone should have access to the right equipment to start a small business, which is why we provide our point of sale solutions to small business owners at affordable prices. 

Whether you’re looking for a convenient, portable card reader that can take transactions on the go, simple invoicing, or an entire POS system with all of the additional features, SumUp supplies you with what you need to be successful all at a low price. Additionally, we keep our credit card processing fees as low as possible in order for you to maximize the profit you make per transaction.

With lower hardware costs and minimal processing fees, less money is spent on expensive processing fees and more can be reinvested back into your business.


2.6% + 10¢

Anytime a customer taps, dips, or swipes their debit or credit card on a SumUp card reader or POS system in person


3.5% + 15¢

Anytime a customer purchases online via your e-commerce store, online ordering, payment links, or you enter a credit or debit card manually


2.9% + 15¢

Anytime a customer pays an invoice using the online SumUp payment link

The right POS pricing plan for your business

We want to see your business succeed, and our friendly sales team can work with you to find a POS package and price that is best for you and your business.

You can also invest your hard earned money with peace-of-mind thanks to our money-back guarantee.

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POS with Connect Lite


The perfect system to start your business and streamline operations. Includes standard POS hardware and software.

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✔️ Cloud-based POS

✔️ Customer Database

✔️ Dedicated installation and training

POS with Connect Plus


Ideal for businesses ready to grow. Everything the POS offers plus customer rewards, automated marketing, and 2 monthly promotions.

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✔️ Money Back Guarantee*

✔️ Cloud-based POS

✔️ Customer Database

✔️ Dedicated installation and training

✔️ Customer rewards and automated marketing

✔️ Two standard SMS and email promotions per month

POS with Connect Pro


For businesses serious about growth marketing. Includes the POS and loyalty features plus UNLIMITED marketing promotions.

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✔️ Money Back Guarantee*

✔️ Cloud-based POS

✔️ Customer Database

✔️ Dedicated installation and training

✔️ Customer rewards and automated marketing

✔️ Daily AI enhanced SMS and email promotions

✔️ Google review boost

Your business budget is top of mind

We offer a full suite of POS and invoice tools that provides our merchants with an affordable way to start their small business. Our card readers are some of our most cost-effective products and allow for on-the-go transactions on a portable, easy-to-use device.

SumUp Plus is our simplest card reader that can take transactions from anywhere. Easily connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy a straightforward, no-strings-attached POS system. 

SumUp Solo allows you to do all that the Plus can, and provides easy access to sales reports, digital receipts, and more directly from the card reader. Both of these POS systems are affordable solutions for a business that simply needs a way to charge their customers from anywhere in the world.

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Explore more of our budget-friendly POS products

From fully-equipped POS systems to loyalty programs that keep your customers coming back, we have a full range of products designed to help your business thrive, all at a budget-friendly price.


Seamlessly run transactions, track employee schedules, keep track of inventory, and so much more with SumUp POS. Our robust suite of features can be tailored to the exact needs of your business so you can spend less time troubleshooting and more time dedicated to your customers.

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Get paid faster and easier with SumUp Invoicing

Use SumUp’s convenient invoicing tool to easily send payment requests to customers. Sending the invoice is completely free, you’ll only be charged at 2.9% + 15¢ transaction fee when your customers pay using the online SumUp link option.

Invoice your customers from anywhere at any time, and do it for no additional charge! There are no monthly fees, and you can choose to opt in or out of the tool at any time.

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The SumUp Difference

Receive support however you want

Whether you need to talk to an U.S.-based support team member or do better with an online ‘Help’ article, you can receive ongoing support 24/7.

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Access dashboards and business accounts, track sales, customize your product catalog, pay or send invoices, and so much more remotely using our free app.


To protect and support our merchants, we operate in accordance with the highest card payment industry security standards.

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* 30-day-money-back-guarantee from date of delivery.