Take quick, contactless payments with QR codes

Easily display your unique SumUp QR code to get paid your way

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Completely contactless

Customers can conveniently scan a printed or digital QR code and pay entirely from their phone.

Truly efficient

Print multiple QR codes to display around your business, or simply allow customers to scan your smartphone or tablet to pay.

Conveniently flexible

Use QR codes to take card payments in-store or access your QR code from the free SumUp App to get paid on the go.

How to set up a QR code


Log in to your free SumUp App and navigate to the QR Codes section. Tap “Create QR code”.

Enter details

Give your QR code a name, fill out the description, and set a price if necessary. Tap “Save”.


To print and display your QR Code, simply choose the option to print your shop display in the app.

How to get paid with SumUp QR Codes

With SumUp, you never have to worry about meeting monthly minimums or paying for hidden fees. Simply pay 3.5% + 15¢ per QR code transaction, and that’s it. Best of all, QR codes are easy to create and even easier for your customers to use.


Once it’s time to checkout, the customer can use their smartphone camera to scan the QR code. From here, their device will automatically open a secure link.


The customer will then enter the amount owed and fill in their card details directly from their device. A confirmation screen will appear when the payment has been processed.


Easily confirm the payment from the customer’s device, or check your sales history within the SumUp App on your tablet or smartphone to ensure you’ve been paid.

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